Let’s Take a Peek Of Russian Everyday Clothing

Russian everyday clothesRussia is famous for its beautiful women. Besides being beautiful, Russian women are also famous for being very fashionable. You must know some interesting facts about Russian women. What is the style of Russian women’s dress like? It would have been nice to see women dressed in stylish clothes in any season in Russia. Let’s Take a Peek Of Russian Everyday Clothing :

1. Casual

Its happen, girls usually compete to wear the best and most modest clothes to attract men’s attention. The irony is that it’s not the style of dress that most men like. A relaxed and casual style that often fascinates men. T-shirts and jeans are indeed the easiest way to get a relaxed and casual style. It doesn’t need to be so much effort because the two fashion items are always in the closet. Alloy shirts and jeans look classic, and deserve to be worn by anyone.

If you still want to look chic with a casual style, combining basic color tank tops like black or beige with an outer cardigan, shirt or blazer is the best idea. This alloy will also look fun and comfortable to wear to campus. Russian women use neutral colored jeans, such as navy blue or black, to match any motif and color. Then they wear favorite flat shoes to make the casual style sweeter. If you want to look more sporty, wearing sneakers as footwear is the best choice.

2. Full color

At present, it is not uncommon to see green shirts combined with blue blazers. Even striped clothes can be juxtaposed with plaid subordinates. There is nothing wrong with the ‘collision’ trend, provided that the woman has the ability to integrate it well. But if you don’t have the ability and just follow the trend, it’s better not to.

The ability of girls to combine colors or clothing motifs well is a plus point for having a different style. Any style of dress as long as the colors and motifs are well combined will still look attractive. One of the advantages of Russian women is that they have a charming physique. So that when they have colorful clothes, make them look stylish. You can follow this colorful dress style by adjusting your skin.

3. Feminine

Feminine and simple style is also a daily fashion for Russian women. Especially when they’re on a date. The style of clothing that is everyday wearing only a shirt and jeans, suddenly turns out to be more girly on Saturday night. For this sweet but not excessive girly style, Russian women only need to use a knee-length skirt or dress. If it’s winter, they combine with elegant fur coats and use stockings to cover their legs.

They often combine knee-length skirts with shirts or blouses that are simple motifs, such as floral or stripes. For dresses, sometimes they add necklaces with shapes and pendants that are simple as sweeteners. As a complement, Russian women use flat shoes with appropriate colors.

4. Color of clothing according to body shape

All women want a slim body. But what if there is a woman with a body that is not slim, for example thin or fat? Like most women, Russian women also choose colors that match their body shape. If fat, they will avoid colors or horizontal motifs. If it’s thin, then the opposite. Avoiding images of large flowers that spread throughout the clothes will also be avoided by obese women. In addition to motifs, dark colors are recommended for obese women to look a little slim. While thin women can wear brightly colored clothes so they don’t look too thin.

5. Clothing style according to the event

If you ask about a good dress style, maybe this is the most appropriate answer. Surely Russian women rarely go to campus using high heels and short skirts. The reason is because the campus is a place to learn not to spread the charm. Likewise with weddings, of course formal dress is a choice. Wearing clothes that suit the place and event also includes respecting others. For example, when going to campus using clothes that are in accordance with the rules of the campus, meaning Russian women have obeyed the rules. If they dress elegantly at a party, then Russian women respect the person who invited them to the party.

That’s all fashion style Russian women for daily activities. You can adopt Russian girls fashion style to make your fashion more amazing. But you should paying attention to your skin color to make the fashion suits for you. We know that Russian women always wearing make up and dressed up when they leaving home. This is why, Russian women always look so beautiful. If you are a man, get a Russian girl is an advantage. Why? You must know the reasons why Russian girl is the best. And how to get a Russian women? Its not difficult, but also not easy too. You must have be patient person, smart, and good fashion like them.

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