How To Do Clever Shopping In Moscow, Russia

clever shoppingMoscow not only offers attractive, unique architecture and extraordinary nightlife. You can go shopping here and you will be surprised because some of the trendy things here may be cheaper than elsewhere. This is because the ruble has fallen in value against foreign currencies. Maybe you never thought that Russia was a fun place to shop.

If you think shopping in Russia will cost you money, you need to read a few tips below. This is How To Do Clever Shopping In Moscow, Russia :

1. Use tax-free rules

There is good news for tourists who want to vacation in Russia. Especially for you who have shopping as hobby. Since the beginning of 2018, tourists are eligible for tax-free spending in Russia. But this applies to tourists other than European countries. You can reclaim 18 percent of your expenses when you leave the country. You have to pay at least 10,000 rubles a day in one store before you can reclaim the tax. The tax free point is now operating at the airport in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi.

2. Check discounts according to the season

Sales and discounts are a good opportunity for you. It will fill your wardrobe with trendy clothes and shoes without spending all of your salary and pocket money. Most collections in Russia are updated every season and instead they sell old stock at a discount. Most shops in Russia are not closed even on weekends and often hold sales before state holidays such as March 8, May 1, June 12 and others.

3. Try the Russian brand

Modern Russian designers have many things to offer for fairly reasonable prices. Look at sports clothes and casual clothes. Young Russians wear comfortable hoodies and bags that have a lot of space from Zaporozhets Heritage. They walking with confidence in Tvoye pants and simple gray t-shirts from Oh, My.

4. Visit existing outlets

Discounts never end in Moscow. The biggest shop outlet is near from the city center at the Leninsky Prospect metro station. In here, you can find dozens of famous shops such as Mexx, Guess, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Karen Millen. Apart from clothing and shoes, there are discount shops for sporting goods, household items, optics, luggage and cosmetics. There are also several cafes where you can relax.

5. Have a customer card

Even if the store belongs to a global company, your card may not apply in Russia. Shops in Moscow often recommend special offers and discounts that are closed only to their cardholders. So, if you are often in Moscow, it’s good to have a customer card from your favorite store to get more profit when shopping.

6. Price survey

Yep, you have to diligently survey prices so that you are not fooled by the modes offered by sellers at tourist attractions. It could be that the items offered to you have expensive prices even though the quality is normal. By conducting a survey at least you have a picture of the price that fits the budget that will be budgeted.

7. Invite your best friend to bargain

You want to shop a lot by, but the price doesn’t match the results of your previous survey? You can invite your best friend to bargain. It will be more easier if your friend can speak Russian. You will get a big discount.

8. Get to know local people

Wow, there’s no harm why you are acquainted with local residents. If you getting acquainted with them, you can ask for help to bid for the price of goods. Usually the price of goods that give sellers to local residents is cheaper than tourists.

9. Commitment to the budget that has been made

It is rather difficult with these tips, especially if when you travel to see items that are unique and not in your place of residence. Surely you will be willing to spend more money to buy the items right? But, remember you also have to commit to spending your spending budget while traveling, don’t get too far. Because if you can’t commit – you can be disappointed because the contents of the wallet are drained.

Those are How To Do Clever Shopping In Moscow, Russia. Russia has a distinctive souvenir, namely the matryoshka doll. Some interesting facts about matryoshka dolls will amaze you. In addition, you can also bring some souvenirs that are suitable for your child. Souvenirs include cloth dolls, fur hats, cute boots, and much more. Russia has a culture that is quite thick so that state souvenirs have their own characteristics. If you visit Russia in the summer, you will be able to visit some very beautiful places in the summer in Russia. Don’t forget to stop by Sochi, the warmest city in Russia. Besides the warmest city, there is also Oymyakon, the coldest place in Russia.

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