Here Are 8 Difficulties You Face As Non-Russian Living In Russia

foreigners in RussiaHave you ever thought of living in Russia? You will be able to see unique architect buildings in Russia every day, enjoy beautiful natural scenery in Russia, and meet unique Russian culture. Traveling to Russia is indeed a very pleasant thing. But what if Russia becomes the place where you are not Russian? Of course there are some difficulties you will face when living in another country. Here Are 8 Difficulties You Face As Non-Russian Living In Russia :

1. Russian is difficult

The first time you have to master if you want to live in Russia is the language. Russian has a very big difference with English. Russian includes different meanings and letters. For Indonesians, learning Russian is very difficult. Moreover, Russian is not familiar in Indonesia. Indonesian people are certainly easier to learn Japanese or Mandarin which is quite familiar in Indonesia and many are learning it. To learn Russian, you will find it difficult to find a guidance institution. But you don’t need to worry, you can access some free websites to learn Russian on a self-taught basis.

2. Have a good job

You can live in Russia for sure. If you are a student, you can work part time to support your life so you can save. If you work, then you have to work in a good place so you can have a high salary too. We know that the Russian currency is not too high compared to America or Australia. So if we want to have savings, we have to work hard and work in a good place.

3. Russian food is different from Indonesian food

Every country has a characteristic in its food. Russian food is different from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai food, which we have often encountered in restaurants in Indonesia. This is one proof that Indonesians are not used to enjoying Russian food. If you live in Russia, you can’t help but enjoy typical Russian food that may taste different from Indonesian food. But if you don’t match Russian cuisine, you can cook your own food at home. This will also save your expenses for eating.

4. Health will be disrupted due to vodka

Vodka is a Russian drink. This drink contains alcohol. High and low alcohol content depends on the manufacturer. But the average vodka has a high alcohol content. When you live in Russia, you will find it difficult to avoid vodka. Even vodka is like water because it is very common in Russia. Consuming alcoholic drinks every day will damage the health of the organs in your body. To avoid this, you must have the power not to drink alcohol or at least regulate drinking alcohol not every day.

5. Russia has cold weather

There are people who like cold weather, but there are also people who like hot weather. Difficulties will occur if you like hot weather. Russia is a country directly adjacent to the North Pole. That is, this country has cold weather throughout the year. Even summer in Russia still feels cold. In winter, several cities in Russia close school and office activities because of the snow that covers the city. One of the coldest cities in Russia, Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world. You have to have a lot of thick jackets if you live in this country.

6. Cultural differences in Russia with your country

Cultural differences in a country with your home country can be a problem. Especially for those of you who are not fast adapting to culture in Russia. For example, Russia has a unique culture at dinner that is different from Indonesia. Before you live in Russia, make sure you have studied Russian culture. If not, you will be considered a strange person.

7. Russian people are not friendly

Unlike the Indonesians, Russians are famous for their ignorance. Especially Russian women. If you are a man who wants to have a Russian woman as your partner, learn how to get a Russian woman. Conversely, you may not just smile with someone you don’t know. Don’t practice your hospitality as an Indonesian when you are in Russia. You might be mistaken for someone who is flirtatious when smiling carelessly. Or you could be mistaken for someone who has evil intentions.

8. Corruption rates in Russia are quite high

If you are Indonesian, facing corruption problems may be commonplace. And we live in another country in the hope that there will be no corruption in the country. But you are wrong if you decide to stay in Russia with that kind of thinking. Although not as big as in Indonesia, the level of corruption in Russia is quite high. Entering a relative to work in a company is common in Russia. The cruelest level of corruption is bribing a judge when making a decision. Russia ranks the same as Iran for the level of corruption in the world. Then what is the effect for immigrants? You will live easily if you have many relatives in the government. But if not, be prepared to face the hardest possibility of becoming a Russian citizen.

Thats all 8 Difficulties You Face As Non-Russian Living In Russia. Actually every country has its own difficulties. If you can overcome that problem, then your life experience will increase. Experience always benefits your life. Russia as one of the big countries in the world will give you many things. You must know the superiority of Russia so that you survive while living in this country.

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