7 Steps on How to Use Famous Russian Teapot, Samovar

Teapots are available in a myriad of materials starting from nearly infrangible cast iron to frail and fragile glass or porcelain. However, ceramic pots are the most common for daily use. It is because they are typically cheap, relatively durable, and can retain heat well. They are also relatively easy to use, though you need […]

Why Russian Really Loves to Drink Tea? Here’s the Answer

When it comes to Russian drinks, people tend to think of Vodka, as what was widely known from the usual stereotype. Not so many people know that Russia actually is a tea-loving country. Tea is not only considered as a regular beverage for Russians. Drinking tea has become a culture that every Russian lives up […]

12 Places in Russia Where You Can Taste the Best Tea in Town

Knowing that Russia is a tea-drinking country, visiting here without having the experience to taste the tea is absolutely a pity. What’s interesting is that the places in Russia where you can taste the best tea in town are not only cafes or restaurants. You will also be able to find tasty tea drinks, as […]

The Beginning of Russian Tea Culture

1. The First Time Tea was Introduced in Russia The beginning of Russian tea culture starts from the time tea was introduced in Russia. It actually goes way back in 1638, where an envoy, sent by Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, whose reign was from 1613 to 1645, came back with a special gift of teas from […]

9 Most Favorite Teas Consumed in Russia

Russia is considered one of tea-loving countries. It is one of the most popular drink in Russia. In Russian culture, tea is even more epitomic than vodka, unlike what Russian stereotype often shows. Though coffee is also becoming popular through the production of several authentic brands, Russians just seriously loves tea. The people there can […]