10 Most Unique Mosques in Russia

Islam is the second professed religion in Russia. Thus, Russia has thousands mosques as places of worship for Moslem people. There are about 8,000 mosques in Russia. Three of them are in Moscow. In addition to have such plentiful of mosques, there are 10 most unique mosques in Russia. Those are: 1. Mosque that provides 24/7 […]

Top 7 Things Worth to Know About Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain range located in West Asia, with the Black Sea and the Caspain Sea on either side. Not only is it the highest mountains in Europe, the Caucasus Mountains are also the natural borders of Europe and Asia. Its beautiful forests, Alpine lakes and snow-capped peaks are enough to entice […]

3 Famous Mosques in Moscow, Russia

Islam is the second largest religion in Russia. Russian people also consider it as a traditional religion. As Russia makes Islam as the second largest religion in the country, that explains why there are a lot of mosques in Russia. There are currently 8,000 mosques in Russia. There are 3 famous mosques in Moscow, Russia. Islam […]

Get to Know of the Architecture of Catherine Palace

If you want to get to know of the architecture of Catherine Palace, this article suits you well. Catherine Palace has been a part of Russian beauty for many years. Most people know of its beauty and luxury. The name “Catherine” took after the name of the first empress of Russia, Catherine I. She was Peter […]

8 Facts About Catherine Palace in Russia

Catherine Palace is in Tsarskoye Selo city. It is 25 km from St. Petersburg, Russia. The palace is a place of rest for Catherine the Great during her journeys. The empress asked a designer to build the palace in 1717 for her summer residence. Catherine Palace had received some renovations since 1733. However, many people […]

Russian Student-Friendly Cities

Besides being popular from having rich culture, Russian cities are also a great choice for students to pursue their studies. In fact, four Russian cities are among QS Student Cities Report 2017’s Top 100. Take a look at our list to see which cities are considered Russian student-friendly cities and why they ranked impressively in […]

4 Best Time to Visit Russia That Every Traveller Need to Know!

The idea has been tugging at you for some time now: you want to visit Russia. You know all the Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia. But when is the best time to visit Russia? Well, it certainly depends on what you’re looking for in the world’s largest country. There are a lot of factors relevant […]

10 Famous Movies that Take Place in Russia

You’re living your life when suddenly the travel bug hits you. But you don’t want to just go anywhere, you know your next destination has got to be Russia. For one reason or another, flying to Russia may not be a feasible thing to do, whether it’s due to time or financial constraints. Well, do […]

5 Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia

Travelling to Russia is most people’s dream. Russia has many attractive places to visit and they have unique weather, too. Those are the reason why most people dreaming to travel to the country of Vodka. But, they also think that travelling to Russia could be very expensive because it is far away from their country. […]