8 Rules of Study in Russia That Are Never Found in Other Schools 

Rules help characterize rules, guidelines, strategies, and conventions for schools. These are important to enable the school run easily and securely, and guarantee that understudies get quality education.  Schools have rules for a few reasons. Rules set up standards and guidelines to control satisfactory conduct and guarantee that the school condition is alright for understudies, […]

5 Facts About Studying Medicine In Russia

When Myths and Facts collide the only thing remains is each individual experience that separates what is true and false. There are various Famous Myths About Studying In Russia but there are also facts that either support of denies that allegation. No matter which is right and wrong, sometimes it not the case. Studying in any […]

7 Benefits Of Studying In Russia For Indian Students

Among the many Advantages Of Studying In Russia For International Students there are many other worthy reasons to take a program in this winter wonderland country. There is even more benefit that Indian students in particular if they study in Russia. It is supported with the present reality of India regarding the demand and supply […]

13 Advantages Of Studying In Russia For International Students

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rank Russia as the most educated population in the world beyond Canada, Japan, Israel, and the USA. These great facts become a guarantee to the many advantages for studying in the land of a winter wonderland. There are more than half of Russians have higher education qualification […]

13 Famous Myths About Studying In Russia

Moving halfway across the world for studying in Russia can be daunting. Moreover, if you never living on your own and dealing with various difficulties that one can face as non-Russian living in Russia. Figuring out how to get along faster with fellow students and lecturer can be very intimidating. You might be confused on […]

10 Most Favorite University in Russia for International Students

For international students, Russia is a great country to study. Russia has many respectable institutes of higher educations. Some of its universities ranked among the best in the world. Universities in Russia is standardized and accredited like most of the other European countries. Bachelor degree in Russia is a 4-year study while specialists degree takes […]

Top 10 Cities in Russia to Live In (worth to know!)

Ever thinking of moving or studying abroad to Russia? Why not? Russia is a beautiful country with a long history. It is also a country with advanced quality of living. Not to mention nature, Russia will also enthrall you with its beautiful and vast landscape. But before moving (or just visiting), make sure you have […]

6 Work Opportunities for International Students in Russia

If you are an international student in Russia, you have a great opportunity to get job as long as you get  a work permit. Besides, you have to make sure that you are full-time students. It means that you study for at least one year and not an exchange student. Unless, you will not receive […]

6 Part Time Jobs in Russia for International Students

Working as an international student in Russia might be a little bit risky and difficult. This is because Russian government surely does not want to provide unreliable labor market for employer. Thus, every potential employee should have a permit for stay at least 1 year to be able to obtain work permit. If an employee […]

Russian Student-Friendly Cities

Besides being popular from having rich culture, Russian cities are also a great choice for students to pursue their studies. In fact, four Russian cities are among QS Student Cities Report 2017’s Top 100. Take a look at our list to see which cities are considered Russian student-friendly cities and why they ranked impressively in […]