Instagenic Spot in Suzdal That Should be Captured

It is easy to fall in love with photography while travelling. Souvenir is something that you buy for people back home or decorative items for your living room. When you are blessed with the opportunity to travel frequently you begin to find another way to capture your travel. Taking photos is not as rewarding seeing […]

Suzdal Shopping Arcade; A Must-Visited Place For Shoppaholic

There are so many ways of enjoying a city. Whether exploring is the interesting touristy spot, experiencing the nature of finding their shopping centre to see whats goes on in the heart of the city. You can tell a lot from visiting the city market. What they eat, trade, wear and the people give a […]

Can We Visit Suzdal in a Limited Time?

Travelling through Russia will take a lifetime to see all of its beauty and cities. To keep things short. There are so many ways to see so much in so little time. You can take the Trans Siberian train and enjoy the scenery or go on a trip through the Russian Must Know For Travelers The […]

How Many Churches Can You Find in Suzdal

 The metropolitan life maybe a big hit in big cities such as Moscow, and Saint Petersburg. There are so much to see and experience in the larger area. Whereas smaller city offers more specific attraction. Like there is good Reason Why Ivanovo Is Called The City Of Brides or why Suzdal is famous because of its […]

Yuri II Vsevelodovich’s Life; The Founder of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod (often colloquially Nizhny, Gorky from 1932 to 1990) is a city in central Russia, the administrative center of the Volga Federal District and the Nizhny Novgorod Region. It is the largest city in the Volga Federal District and on the Volga River. The city was established on February 4, 1221 by Vladimir Prince […]

Suzdal; It’s Not About a Part of Golden Ring, Heart and Soul Are Consisting of It

There are many places we can visit when we are traveling on vacation. If you like to go to a place where you can taste many kinds of foods, you can go to Tokyo in Japan. The range of foods is varied from casual dining type of food to the most expensive ones. Another part […]