Can We Visit Suzdal in a Limited Time?

Travelling through Russia will take a lifetime to see all of its beauty and cities. To keep things short. There are so many ways to see so much in so little time. You can take the Trans Siberian train and enjoy the scenery or go on a trip through the Russian Must Know For Travelers The Russian Golden Ring. Can you do that with Suzdal? Absolutely. 

Suzdal The Hidden Jewel of Russian Golden Ring

If you like Russia for its historical value and culture experience then Suzdal is the right place to visit. From all the many cities that Russia have, this city preserved its ancient atmosphere and seems to be in touch with modern life. If you only have a brief time to enjoy the city. Then the World Heritage Site is something you can experience briefly for taking time back long a lo as you were walking into a time slap into medieval time.

Close to the capital city, Moscow

Think of it like walking around in an open area museum. Suzdal A Part of Golden Ring of Russia so people that love history and everything about it is likely to visit this place. Besides, it is just about 200 kilometres from Moscow. Yet, there is no fast way to get there. The Trans Siberian railway does not pass this city and make its post in Vladimir. It will take another 32 kilometres from Vladimir to Suzdal. Making the city secluded and limit its popularity for only those who determine to visit the city. 

What to see in a short time

There is no trace of modernity in the small town that is popular for many churches. Suzdal is considered as one of the Places In Russia That Worth To See because of its historical landmarks. The government managed to keep things the way it is with no tall buildings and highlight the architecture of the feeling of an old Russian town. So the air is clean, the meadow and hills are breath-taking and there are over 30 Churches for people to visit.

  1. Churches. with only 11.000 people in the city. There is at least one church for 40 people. The Churches are magnificent both from outside and inside. There is a wide range of Churches that you can admire from the wooden until the Meadeavel one.
  2. Monasteries. What to find yourself in deep meditation and religious activities? Then the monastery just maybe what you needed the most to find peace. There are at least 5 Monasteries that you can visit and experience yourself.
  3. Market Square. The centre of the town is a great place to start to see how life in Suzdal goes by. You can pick up some souvenirs such as handicraft or fridge magnet to bring home. 
  4.  Prison. Places in Suzdal goes through several functions. From a place for praying, to prison then museum. The Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery or the Holy Convent of the Intercession is the place to see for that purpose.
  5. A place to eat. You can try having lunch the Old Russian style right in the Monastery Refectory. The city promotes this experience to give the tourist a more vivid feeling of being in ancient times. Plus it saves time to seek restaurant and by you more time. The food is al Suzdal special dishes that can not be found anywhere else.
  6. Food. Everything in the city evolves around The Russian Orthodox Church And The Historical Journey of Russia. So, of course, the meal consists of traditional Russian cabbage soup, hotpot and pancakes are also worth trying. Monastic rules play a part in the menu planning: there are no meat dishes on Wednesdays and Fridays, or throughout the entire periods of the many religious feasts in the Orthodox Church calendar. 

How To Get There

You can go either by car or intercity bus. It is the fastest way to go. You can have a fun road trip and look over the countryside from leaving Moscow along Shosse Entuziastov and hit the highway and reach Suzdal just before reaching Vladimir. From the Moscow bus station Shchelkovskaya you can take a bus to the city. The trip overall takes about 3-4 hours. Plenty of time to spend a weekend or even a whole day in Salzdal if there is an only limited time in your hand.

Anyone who has travelled much in Russia knows that Suzdal is one of The Best Small Town To Visit In Russia. The collective churches, fortresses, and the ambience of ancient Russia bring you back in time where there were not many modernities and everything is pure and clearer. When visiting the small town everything is within walking distance to it is doable to enjoy everything in a day or two.

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