How Easy Is It to Travel to Russia?

Traveling somewhere is a fun activity. Especially if your destination is a place that you’ve long dreamed of visiting on your holidays. Of course, many people have done many things or many ways to be able to visit their dream place. Who does not look forward to the holidays, right? In fact, you might also […]

6 Things Worth Knowing Before Coming to Dagestan

This part of Russia is definitely not included in the most favored places to visit by travelers. Like its neighbor, the Republic of Chechnya, Dagestan has a bad reputation of safety related to their groups of Islamic extremists that were known to spread terrors across Russia. Many countries still advised their citizens to avoid going […]

5 Unsafe Locations for Tourists to Live in Russia

You have probably seen movies like Turistas, Hostel, Wrong Turn and the similar ones. Movies about how a dream vacation can turn into a life-threatening terror. Of course these films are merely works of fiction, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen in real life. Traveling has become more and more convenient these days, although […]