All Facts About Kamchatka, The Most Hazardous Place in Russia

Only two days before this article was written, an earthquake with magnitude of 6.4 shook Kamchatka peninsula. The epicenter was only around 100 miles from a city. And it was only one of four earthquakes with magnitude of 3.0 or greater that happened around the area within the last 10 days. Thankfully, no victims were […]

5 Unsafe Locations for Tourists to Live in Russia

You have probably seen movies like Turistas, Hostel, Wrong Turn and the similar ones. Movies about how a dream vacation can turn into a life-threatening terror. Of course these films are merely works of fiction, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen in real life. Traveling has become more and more convenient these days, although […]

5 Dangerous Places in Russia to Avoid At All Cost!

People travel for many different purposes. Some to refresh themselves, some to taste adventure, start a new stage of life, find the purpose of their existences, and so on. For these reasons, people choose to go to contrasting places. Them who look for leisure time would likely visit popular tourist destinations deemed safe and fun […]