Educational Trip in Astrakhan; Enlarge Your Knowledge at Astrakhan Planetarium 

In spite of how vast Russia is, in terms of both land zone and the nation’s impact on world history, it is enticing to consider only Moscow and St. Petersburg when the idea of Russian travel comes up. There are innumerable counter-examples to this propensity. However, the city of Astrakhan stays in the dark, even […]

9 Things That Should be Prepared When You Go to Astrakhan 

Astrakhan sits with legs on each side of the Volga north of the Caspian Sea and is Russia’s face on the multinational waterway. The city reflects a significant part of the district’s cultural and religious variety. There are huge networks of Kazakhs and Azeris, just as Islamic Tatars. While numerous guests use Astrakhan for the most […]

Ak Mosque; The Right Place to Visit by Muslim in Astrakhan

In the middle of leisure or vacation time, usually you will plan something to enjoy it, right? Whether you want to relax at home or want to travel somewhere. Even when deciding to go somewhere you can choose to go for a pure vacation or religious tourism. If you choose to religious tourism, there are […]