Let’s Having Fun With 3 Indigenous Summer Festival in Siberia

Welcome summer! Summer is the season Russians expecting the most. It’s understandable, as one of the countries with the harshest winter in the world, Russian long for this time of sun and warmth. People will plan all sort of summer activities. There are many things to do, but one thing for sure, it’s gonna be […]

Beautiful But Toxic! 6 Facts of Norilsk in Russia

Some things can look so fine from the outside but, seen and felt up close, actually very poisonous. Like the apple that Snow White eats. Like Norilsk, an industrial city in Russia. This place is officially one of the most polluted cities in the world and not ideal to be inhabited. There are people living […]

8 Most Delicious Dishes that You Can Taste Only in Siberia

Another thing that will excite people a lot beside the tourist attractions while going to another country is culinary. Culinary is something that no one would be able to resist. They’ll definitely want to try the cuisine where they’re travelling to. This is mainly because every places have their own style and recipes when it […]

4 Important Facts about How to Live in Siberia

Siberia, which is also called as Russian Sibir, is one of the largest regions in Russia and northern Kazakhstan. This region constitutes all of the northern Asia. Siberia lies between Ural Mountains in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east. It also extends from the Artic Ocean in the south to the hills […]

4 Facts of Lake Baikal as The Deepest and Weirdest Lake

When you heard the word Siberia, it is identical with unrelenting cold and white snow falling all over the landscape. But, hidden in the middle of Siberia lies Lake Baikal with its crystal-clear water and green landscape surrounding it. The lake has are of 3.15 million aha that covers a big region of Siberia. Lake […]

4 Fascinating Souvenirs From Siberia

Souvenirs are one way to remind us of our travelling experience to certain places. While they are impressive to collect, they also can also act as a gift to give for loved ones. Siberia is identical with unrelenting cold and white snow. But when you look deeper through the area, there are small villages with local […]

4 Differences of Eastern and Western Siberia

Siberia has been a part of modern Russia since the 16th and 17th centuries. The territory ranges from Ural Mountains to watershed between the Pacific and Arctic drainage basins. Moreover, it stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of north-central Kazakhstan and also to the national borders of Mongolia and China. With such range, Siberia occupies 77% of Russia’s land area with the area of 13.1 million square kilometers. Although Siberia […]

8 Best and Popular Cuisine in Siberia That You Need to Know

We know that Siberia is a part of Russia. However, this region in Northern Asia has numerous ethnic tribes with their own unique cultures. In fact, Siberia wasn’t even part of modern Russia before the early 17th century. Notorious for its cold winter, there’s more to this picturesque region than that reputation. Before your first […]