Celebration of Ivan Kupala Night in Post-Soviet Countries

Ivan Kupala Night is one of the most important celebrations in Slavic countries. Outside the area, the festival is probably unheard of. This ritual is indeed distinct in that area only. If you don’t know about it, in short, Ivan Kupala is an interesting summer celebration with lots of singing, dancing, and folk music. Let’s […]

How to celebrate Ivan Kupala Night in Russia

Have you ever heard about Ivan Kupala Night? It is one of the summer holidays in Russia. If you are coming to Russia this summer, you should not miss this event as well as other interesting Russian events during summers. First, let’s talk about the basic information about Ivan Kupala first. Ivan Kupala is a […]

What’s the celebration of Wild Mint Festival in Moscow?

Have you already plan something for summer? Summer is probably the most anticipated season in Russia. Russian do various activities during summer. It’s not surprising, after the cold harsh Russian winter, people would long for sun and warmth. There are many things you can do in Russia during the summer. You can visit these 12 […]

Let’s Having Fun With 3 Indigenous Summer Festival in Siberia

Welcome summer! Summer is the season Russians expecting the most. It’s understandable, as one of the countries with the harshest winter in the world, Russian long for this time of sun and warmth. People will plan all sort of summer activities. There are many things to do, but one thing for sure, it’s gonna be […]

14 Summer Festival In Russia That You Can’t Missed

Russia is a country that has a very large area. Because it is located adjacent to the North Pole, Russia has cold weather. Some regions of Russia experience winter almost every year. However, that does not mean the Russians cannot enjoy the summer. Summer is the season that the Russians are waiting for. The Russians […]