Creamy Karelian Salmon Soup; a Kind of Magical Russian Soup

Russia is rich with traditional cuisine. Its very vast territory gathers the abundance by nature that makes the national food could be so various with ingredients starting from fruits, fish, all kinds of meat, dairy products, and many more. One of the most common traditional foods from Russia is soup – many kinds of it. […]

8 Most Delicious Dishes that You Can Taste Only in Siberia

Another thing that will excite people a lot beside the tourist attractions while going to another country is culinary. Culinary is something that no one would be able to resist. They’ll definitely want to try the cuisine where they’re travelling to. This is mainly because every places have their own style and recipes when it […]

6 Most Popular Russian Fish Dishes that You Can Try at Home Easily

Meat lovers, vegetable lovers, what else? Fish lovers, right? Russia is quite a good place where fish can easily be found. Even though some people still know nothing about these dishes, it’s considered delicious and popular in Russia. Fish which are good for our health, full of vitamins and minerals that we need for our […]