Russian Mouthwatering Food Made by Tvorog

There are a lot of dairy products that can be used as a mixture for making a food or dessert. This dairy product will add flavor to the food or dessert that we make. Dairy products can be butter, yogurt, cheese and many others.

Each country has their own dairy products. Although at first glance it looks the same, but there are certain dairy products that can only be found in the original flavor of the country of origin of the dairy products. One of them is Tvorog.

Tvorog is a dairy product from Russia. Have you ever known or tried it? For those of you who have tried it, how was your impression when you first tried it? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about Tvorog and foods that contain Tvorog. For that, let’s see about the Russian mouthwatering food made by Tvorog.

Are you among the many people who really like everything about dairy products? Which dairy products do you like the most? Everyone certainly has their own answers, which may differ from one another.

There are indeed a lot of foods, drinks and desserts that have a mixture of dairy products in it. Both the main ingredient and that only added a little to enrich the taste of food, beverages and desserts that we make or we buy. Of course, dairy products that will make it more delicious.

Types of dairy products that exist in each country are also almost similar, although there are some that have certain characteristics. For example, butter, margarine, yogurt, whole milk, cheese and other products. Just hearing it already imagined the delicious processed milk products, right?

One type of dairy products that are typical in Russia is Tvorog. Did you ever know about this Tvorog? Or maybe you’ve tasted Tvorog when you visit Russia?

I think there are still many of you who still don’t know about Tvorog and what foods or drinks contain Tvorog in the ingredients to make it. For this reason, this article will discuss about Tvorog and Russian mouthwatering food made by Tvorog.

  • About Tvorog

Tvorog or also known as farmer’s cheese is an Eastern European dairy product. It’s a cross between cottage cheese and ricotta from North America. Tvorog can be enjoyed immediately or added to desserts or other foods.

Tvorog is a traditional preparation that goes through a natural fermentation process. This farmer’s cheese is considered very beneficial for your digestive system because this type of cheese can make it healthy. Fermented foods are known to be very good for our body’s health. Here we will see about meals using Tvorog as ingredients to make it.

  • Tvorog Rings

Tvorog rings are ring-shaped choux cakes which are very popular in Russia and also the Soviet Union. This cake actually comes from France. No one knows about who and when the Tvorog rings were first proposed to be made.

Tvorog rings are choux cakes that are shaped to look like rings and then filled with Tvorog cream. It might be said that the Tvorog rings are cakes inspired by French choux. Because the filling of the cake that originally contained traditional French pudding was replaced with filling from Tvorog.

  • Russian Paskha

Russian Paskha is a cake that is usually served when Easter in Russia. This cake has a truncated pyramid shape which also symbolizes the Holy Sepulcher. Russian Paskha is made using fresh ingredients, especially tvorog.

Russian Paskha is made from tvorog, eggs, sugar, cream and also additional dried fruits, nuts, and raisins. You can make this cake at home and you can also buy it at the store (while ensuring the expiry date of the Russian Paskha).

  • Russian Tvorog Pasta

Tvorog can also be found in a mixture of pasta in Russia. It is used as a cheese mixture in general. Tvorog can add a good taste to the pasta made. Maybe the taste of this kind of pasta provides its own experience for those of you who like to try new flavors of your pasta.

When mixed in pasta sauce, Tvorog is usually added with garlic, and also other herbs. This pasta sauce mixture besides being delicious can also be made quickly.

  • Russian Tvorog Vareniki

You can also mix Tvorog in other Russian specialties. One of them is Russian Vareniki. It’s a kind of dumpling from Russia that has a variety of filling. There are many variants of Russian Vareniki, for example, with filling in the form of Tvorog.

The Russian Vareniki variant with Tvorog has many fans. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best Vareniki in the country. If you like to try all kinds of dumpling-like foods, maybe Russian Vareniki with this variant can be your choice.

  • Russian Tvorog Salad

Maybe this is one of the foods that are common when added to several dairy products including Tvorog. That’s a Russian salad. As with salads in general, Russian salads have almost the same composition except that they have a slight difference in some spices. Including if you add Tvorog.

Tvorog is high in protein and other nutritional components that can make you healthy. Especially when adding this cheese in the salad that you make. It can only help the body to digest food that enters our bodies.

And maybe there are still some of Russian mouthwatering food made by Tvorog that haven’t been listed above. If you are looking for more about this Tvorog, there are plenty of Russian food and dessert creations that you can combine with this farmer’s cheese. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about Russian mouthwatering food made by Tvorog. Which Russian food made of Tvorog do you like?

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