The Lists of Russian Food Are Composed by Cherry

There are many types of fruit that are everyone’s favorite. The fruit can be cooked until it becomes a delicious food. One of the fruits is cherry.

Cherries can be used for several types of food throughout the world. One of them is Russian food. Cherries can be combined with Russian food, especially as a dessert. There are many Russian desserts that use cherries as one of the basic ingredients.

Do you know about it? If you don’t know it yet, let’s look at the lists of Russian food are composed by cherry.

Who does not know about cherries? Or you are one who really likes cherries?

The small red fruit that we often encounter in desserts. Either as one of the basic ingredients or also as a garnish on top of that dessert. The sweet taste makes many people like this fruit.

There are many desserts in many countries in the world that add cherries to the ingredients. This fruit can not only be used as a garnish. Cherries can enrich the taste of the dessert. One of the countries that also use cherries as an ingredient for making its signature food is Russian.

Do you already know which type of Russian dessert uses cherries in its ingredients? There are many Russian desserts that use cherries as ingredients. I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this. Therefore, this article will discuss about the lists of Russian food are composed by cherry.

  • Cherry Vareniki

Vareniki is a food from Ukraine that is very popular in Russia. The popularity of this food is circulating especially in the Southern regions which are located close to Ukraine, for example Kuban and Stavropol. This is food that looks very similar to Pelmeni. The things that distinguish between Vareniki and Pelmeni are the size and also the filling that is in the food.

In Russia, Vareniki is made by filling in the form of cherries, strawberries or cheese. Russian food is usually enjoyed with sour cream or also melted butter. That will make Vareniki taste so good.

  • Cherry Blini

If we talk about desserts in Russia, surely one of the desserts mentioned is Russian Blini. Blini is a pancake that comes from Russia and Ukraine. This food has become one of the traditions in Russia at certain celebrations there.

Blini is actually almost the same as pancakes in general. The difference is the thickness of the Blini and also the filling in it. You can also enjoy Russian Blini with cherry jam or cherry filling if you really like it, or when you want to try a new variant of Blini.

  • Cherry Vatrushka

Vatrushka is a type of Russian pie. This food is still included in the Pirog food category. Vatrushka has a concave shape in the middle, usually filled with small pieces of fruit. Fruit filling in these foods can use small pieces of cherries.

Vatrushka is a type of food that can be made with both sweet and savory flavors. This will depend on the type of filling you provide above this food. You can find Vatrushka in large to small sizes. If you have never tasted this food, you should start tasting it.

  • Cherry Pirozhki

Pirozhki or some call it Piroshki, is a Russian type of pie that has a variety of fillings. The food still has a close connection with the culture in Russia. This pie can be baked or fried. This is included in the Pirog food category, but has a smaller size.

Pirozhki usually has beef or vegetable filling. But you can also find Pirozhki variants that have cherry filling. This will be suitable for those of you who want to enjoy the sweet taste of Pirozhki that you enjoy. This food can also be enjoyed without filling.

  • Russian Cherry Layer Cake

Russian cherry layer cake is one variant of the Russian cake. This is an interesting blend of chocolate cake with cream and cherries. It is one of the Russian cakes that you should try and this cake will not disappoint you.

Russian cherry layer cake is usually enjoyed by frosting. This will make your Russian cherry layer cake become more delicious. Feel the layer of surprise every time you bite into this cake. Although made of chocolate cake and cherries, but Russian cherry layer cake has a flavor that is not too sweet.

  • Russian Gorka

Russian Gorka is a type of Russian cake that has a unique shape. This cake is shaped like a tube pyramid. Gorka itself has the meaning of a small hill. Russian Gorka is included in traditional Russian cakes.

Russian Gorka is a tubular cake filled with sweet and sour cherries. The cake is then arranged to resemble a pyramid using a slightly sour cream (slightly sweet-sour cream, maybe). For the sour cherries in this Russian Gorka cake filling, you have to prepare it a few days before you make this cake.

  • Russian Jelly

Who doesn’t like jelly? In Russia also has their own type of jelly. This is one type of food that has a lot of fans from children to adults. The sweet taste is certainly suitable to be enjoyed as a snack or dessert, right?

Russian jelly variants are also very diverse. Generally, it is a fruit flavor. Of course, you can also find cherries in Russian jelly. You can enjoy the sweet taste of cherries when biting Russian jelly. It will not disappoint you, isn’t it?

And maybe there are still some of the lists of Russian food are composed by cherry that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about the lists of Russian food are composed by cherry. Which Russian food from the list above starts to become your favorite food?

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