7 Famous Pies All Over Russia You Gotta Taste

Enjoying the sunset will be more fun if accompanied with pastries and a cup of tea or coffee. Pastries can also be used as snacks before lunch or dinner time. It also fits into a sweet and savory dessert.

Among the many types of pastries, what kind of pastry do you like? Do you like to eat pie? If yes, what kind of pie do you like?

If you are among those who like to eat pie, maybe this Russian pie can be your choice. There are many famous Russian pies and you have to try the pie. To provide information to you, let’s look at famous pies in all over Russia you gotta taste.

In all countries in the world there are many types of pastries that you can enjoy. One of them is pie. From sweet to savory. All of them have their own fans because of the different tastes of each person.

There are many types of pies that you can enjoy. Each country has its own characteristic pie. This characteristic is also indirectly influenced by culture. Even now there are types of pies that get a recipe change in order to be able to follow the modern era.

One of the countries that has many types of pie that is famous is Russia. There are many famous types of Russian pies ranging from traditional pies to modern pies. It certainly tastes good and doesn’t disappoint you. Maybe there are some of you who don’t know about these types of Russian pie. To add information to you, this article will discuss the 7 famous pies in all over Russia you gotta taste.

  • Pirog

Pirog is a type of Russian pie that has sweet or savory fillings. It is the most popular dishes. Pirog comes from Proto-Slavic language which means “celebration”. This dish is commonly found in Eastern European cuisine.

Pirog is also commonly used as a term to refer to the types of cakes, pies, or pastries. Pirog is made from dough that is given yeast. This is what makes Pirog has its own characteristics when compared with the kind of pies in general. In the past, Russian Pirog was made from rye flour as its main ingredient. Now it’s made with wheat flour.

  • Pirozhki

Pirozhki is a type of Russian pie that is baked or fried and has various fillings. This dish is still closely related to the culture that exists in Russia. This is a similar dish with Pirog, only Pirozhki smaller.

Pirozhki usually contains filled beef or vegetables such as mashed potatoes, mushrooms or cabbage. There are also types of Pirozhki which have fish fillings and various other variants of filling. Pirozhki can also be enjoyed without filling (plain). How to enjoy Pirozhki can be adjusted to your liking.

  • Vatrushka

Vatrushka is a Russian pie type that is still included in the Pirog category. This dish has a concave shape in the middle. The central part of Vatrushka is usually given additional raisins or small pieces of fruit. You can find this dish from small to large sizes.

Vatrushka can be made with sweet and savory flavors. This depends on additional filling at the top of the Vatrushka or from the ingredients used in the mixture. This dish is also made from bread dough using yeast. The recipe for making Vatrushka continues to be used continuously from the past until now.

  • Coulibiac

Coulibiac is a Russian pie that is still included in the Pirog category. This dish is very popular in Russia since the early 20th century. Coulibiac usually has salmon fillings, boiled eggs, mushrooms, fennel, rice or buckwheat and others. You can also enjoy Coulibiac in the vegetarian version with stuffed cabbage or potatoes.

Coulibiac included in this type of traditional Russian pies. It is one of the pies were very tasteful. Now there are many sellers who sell modern versions of Coulibiac. It takes special skills to make the skin of Coulibiac.

  • Kurnik

Kurnik is one type of Russian pie that is also included in the Pirog category. This dish is usually served in the wedding. Therefore, people also call Kurnik as Pirog wedding. This is a dish that originated from southern Russia.

When presented at weddings, the decorations on Kurnik for the bride and groom are different. It is a kind of pie served with savory flavors. Unlike pie in general, Kurnik is made in the shape of a dome. Usually this has a mixture of chicken.

  • Rasstegai

Rasstegai is another very popular type of Russian pie. This dish large oval-shaped with a hole in the middle. The hole in the middle of this pie is used to add the broth as the filling. Rasstegai in Moscow began to be famous since the beginning of the 20th century.

Popular Rasstegai usually has meat or liver filling mixed with eggs. There is also a filling of rice mixed with mushrooms, vegetables and spices. The classic version of the Rasstegai has fish filling. Not only that, Rasstegai is also filled with various other types of fillings according to your preferences.

  • Karelian Pasty

Karelian pasty is one of the famous Russian pies. This dish comes from Karelia, it is the northern region of Russia bordering Finland. Karelian pasty shape is very different from other types of Russian pies. It belongs to a type of traditional Russian Pirog.

Karelian pasty is a pie that has a thin skin made from wheat. This dish usually has a filling of vegetables, rice and carrots, chopped boiled eggs and other filling.

And maybe there are still some of famous pies in all over Russia you gotta taste that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about 7 famous pies in all over Russia you gotta taste.

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