Does Russian Take Care of Bear at Home as Their Folklore?

Do you enjoy reading folklore? What kind of folklore do you often read? There are many types of folklore that you can read.

In each country has a variety of types of folklore that characterizes the country. Each of these folklores has a character that will become an icon of the story line. This character is what will usually always be remembered by the reader because of the nature that is in the character itself.

Russia was also having a lot of character folklore known by many people, both natives of Russia and those who did not come from Russia. One of the famous characters from Russian folklore is the bear. There are several folklore titles where there are bears that are characters in them.

But, of all the folklore that exist in Russia, whether there is folklore that tells about the bears are treated at home? Do you may hear another story about this? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know about this. For that, let’s see about does Russians take care of bear at home as their folklore?

Many people are very fond of reading folklore as a way to spend their free time. There are so many types of folklore from various countries that can be enjoyed by both children, young people to adults. Many folklores that have life lessons for people are presented through the story line.

Among the folklore of a country with a folklore that exist in other countries of course has its own characteristics. Although there are several countries that have folklore with similar storylines. But still there is something that distinguishes the two.

Besides the story line, there are other factors that can make people like the folklore they read. That factor is about the character that is in folklore. This character is often the factor that draws the reader’s interest in reading the folklore.

One of the famous characters in Russia is a bear. It is an animal that often appears in folklore. For example, folklore titled Masha and The Bear. You must already be familiar with the story is not it?

But there is a question that arises about the bear character from Russian folklore. One of them is whether these bears are treated at home by Russians like the ones in their folklore. Maybe you still don’t know about this. Therefore, to add information to you, this article will discuss about does Russians take care of bear at home as their folklore?

  • Russian Folklore with Bear Characters in It

There are many types of folklore that exist in Russia and have bear characters in them. I think there are some of the titles I mentioned that becomes your favorite. You might even have read it several times.

The best known is about Masha and The Bear. This story comes from the folklore that exist in Russia. There is also a folk tale called The Bear and The Nightingale which tells the story of a little girl with magical abilities. In addition, there is also a folklore about The Bear and the Old Man’s Daughters where there is a bear interaction with 3 girls and their fathers.

  • Is There Folklore About Caring for Bears at Home?

As far as I know, I have not found a folklore that clearly or in detail tells about bears that are cared for at home. The fact that I found is in the folklore of Masha and The Bear, the bear character has a home. He only lived alone there until Masha come.

So, I haven’t been able to give a statement whether caring for bears in that house has ever happened in the Russian past as told in their folklore. But there is news written in an article that tells about a family who takes care of the bears in their home in the modern times like the present time. Shocking, right?

  • The Real but Surprising Thing About Bears Raised by A Family

This might sound unusual but in Russia there is a family that has a bear as their pets. This bear is not the pet of every family in Russia. It’s just that this family in 1993 cared for a cub that was struggling to survive and was 3 months old.

The bear cared for by this family is named Stepan and it already has its own website. The bear often imitates things that are done by the owner, including sleeping with a pillow in the head. The bear was also spending time with their owners together, such as watching TV on the couch. Stepan doesn’t eat meat and only consumes vegetables and fruit. Amazing, right?

  • So, Does Russian Take Care of Bear at Home as Their Folklore?

To answer questions like that, I don’t think so. Bears are not included animals that can be raised at home. It’s not the same as in Russian folklore (or maybe it’s not the same because I haven’t found Russian folklore with that theme). Even though there is a family that takes care of a bear and makes it a pet.

Keeping a bear at home is not the right recommendation especially for those of you who like challenges though. Too many risks can occur if raising animals like that.

And maybe there are still some of does Russians take care of bear at home as their folklore that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about does Russians take care of bear at home as their folklore. If you have more detailed information about what we have discussed above, let me know by sharing the version you know in the comment’s column.

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