11 Outstanding Athletes From Russia With Myriad Achivements

Russia is currently known as a country capable of spawning various outstanding athletes from Russia with myriad achivements in the international arena, besides facilities having supporting athletes, separating our standards of enthusiasm against them. By following this native blooded Russia, this is an extraordinary figure one of the most popular sports in Russia today.

1. Yulia Belomestnykh

A bobsled team.

Yulia belomestnykh was born and raised in orenburgskaya oblast 2,227 km from Moscow (east), Yulia Belomestnykh (21) started her career flag as a track athlete (sports athletic skills combine various types based on running, jumping and throwing) and training in sport wagon (winter ice sliding velocity melombakan narrow and winding circuit after the sleigh) was started in 2015. in 2016, he was already a member of the Russian bobsled team, he was touted as the outstanding athletes from Russia with myriad achivements succeeded in the incision.

2. Galina Arsenkina

Curling team.

Galina arsenkina (26) derived from Moscow. Intelligent, he wanted to athletes from beautiful, but it resulted from injury when he was 12 years old, natural he was forced to move to curling (sports launched rocks on the ice). the national games as members of various teams curling. Not only that, arsenkina won the European While Played for Russia in 2016, until now this sport can be considered as one of the most popular sports in Russia today.

3. Viktoriya Moiseeva

Curling team

viktoriya moiseeva viktoriya moiseeva derived from oblast chelyabinskaya (1,791) km east of moscow.When young, he was practicing choreography, but then turned to curling. He now lives in peters, and, as same as arsenkina galina, winning a championship for the Russian Europe in 2016.

Alena zavarzina alena zavarzina, the team a snowboard. Artyom korotayev / tass alena zavarzina (28) derived from the city of novosibirsk (3,368 miles east of Moscow) and start playing a snowboard 10. year at ageSince 2006, he had participated in various international competition, and won the award of medals a merit badge on homeland. of course, as a famous sports to do in soviet time, this sport can be said to be very popular in all circles.

4. Sofya Fyodorova

Team a snowboard

Sofya olympic fedorova winter this time be international debut for sofya fedorova ( 19 ) born and raised in moscow. By 2015 , he won the world junior snowboarding accident style free. Natalya zabiyako natalya zabiyako , team is beautiful. Natalya zabiyako born in tallinn, estonia, 23 years ago, natalya zabiyako have represent russia since 2014. He got many awards , including who won a bronze medal in is beautiful european championship 2018 in moscow not long ago .

5. Viktoriya Moiseeva

curling team.

Viktoriya moiseeva (27) comes from the obely chelyabinskaya (1,791 km east of Moscow). During his youth, he practiced the choreography, but then turned to curling. He now lives in the sankt peterburg, and, just like galina arsenkina, won the European championship for Russia 2016 in a sport that is arguably the most popular sports in russia today.

6. Viktoriya Zavadovskaya

Viktoriya zavadovskaya (22) is from Moscow. He has been a member of the ski team across Russia since 2015. He just started his international skiing career. Angelina goncharenko angelina goncharenko, hockey team. Angelina goncharenko angelina goncharenko (23) comes from Moscow and plays for women’s hockey clubs tornadoes in Dmitrov in 64 km from Moscow. But, for most of his career, he played on men’s teams, and as a member of the national hockey team he won a bronze medal in world championship hockey in one of the most popular sports in russia today 2013.

7. Diana Kanaeva

A hockey team

Diana kanaeva ( 20 ) derived from sankt peterburg and it is automatically become an attacker at an underground club hockey a dynamo  the city. He who won a bronze medal at the world championships junior hockey 2015 .

8. Svetlana Tkacheva

A hockey team

Svetlana tkacheva (33) is from Moscow and is considered one of the original members of the national average hockey team to form a professional fetus that is undetectable among men who are still alive. He has registered for a total Russian championship career for the WTA title nine times and it is really now playing for another club hockey skif in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. The winter Olympic game has just begun, but Evgenia Medvedev, an athlete from a beautiful total of new world record holders from Russia’s original master stock for the shortest short game of the program which is one of the famous sports to do in soviet time.

9. Bilyal Makhov

Freestyle wrestling

the athletes from russia glow more than athletes from another country.An athlete who the brightest are athletes the birth of nalchik, bilyal makhov ( 26 ).He got hold of three world title in the class in less than 120 kg and grabbed a bronze medal in the london olympics. Makhov should be able to follow the beijing olympics 2008.But in the final stages selection he had food poisoning were. out the questionnaireA few months later, was found that he mercury poisoning.

10. Tatyana Kashirina


Russian women are also the strongest in their memories. Russian female weightlifter Tatyana Kashirina has now recorded her name in all world records of women’s heavyweights (over 75 kilograms), which are 151 kilograms for the snatch generation, 190 kilograms for the clean and jerk force, as well as weight records Total of two generations amounting to 334 kilograms. The first two records of Kashirina were achieved in the London Olympics and the 2013 world Championships in Wroclaw. In a match in Wroclaw, he was multiunion gold medal. Kashirina successfully replied to Chinese athlete Zhou Lulu who a year earlier sharpen their competition by capturing the gold medal from Kashirina in the final moments.

11. Mikhail Koklyaev

Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Power Extreme

The athlete from Chelyabinsk Mikhail Koklyaev arguably was the successor of Ivan Poddubniy. Koklyaev was a member of the Russian weightlifting team. He is the only Russian to succeed as the champion of the International Power Game (strongman). The achievement of Koklyaev included seven wins in the Strongman Champions League, four medals from the Arnold Strongman Classic competition, and three medals in the IFSA Strongman World Championships (at 2005 Koklyaev reached the rank of Third, 2006 and 2007 reached the second rank).

The 2004 Greek Olympic medal could have graced the list of achievements, but in 2003 Russian weightlifters ‘ leaders did not allow Koklyaev to leave for the world-Class championship.

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