Why Does Russian People Does Not Familiar with English?

Do you enjoy learning a new language outside of your language? What kind of language do you like? And where did you learn that language?

If we talk about language, of course there are many things that become questions. And there are also many types of languages that can be learned. But the most commonly used globally is English.

English is often taught as and become a second language in many countries. Because this language can be an important thing when we want to travel abroad. Are you one of those who learn this language too?

But not all countries that study English as a language outside their language can consider that language easy and able to apply it. Russia is one of them. There are many reasons why it can happen in Russia. For that, let’s look at why does Russian people does not familiar with English?

There are so many languages in every country in the world that you can choose and learn. Learning a foreign language can be motivated by a variety of reasons for each individual. Although in general, learning and understanding a foreign language besides our native language can provide many benefits for us.

As we know, English is the language that is often used by people when they are traveling abroad. In addition, there are some countries that make English included in the requirements both when going to college until when going to work. It was such a provision at the same time the main reason why the English language studied by many countries and become the second language in the country.

But not all citizens who learn the English language that is able to apply and can learn the language easily. There are many factors which usually become obstacles for local citizens of the country to learn the foreign language. One of the countries that experienced it is Russia.

Do you know why so few Russians are able to speak English? Maybe there are still many of you who don’t know it yet. For this reason, this article will discuss why does Russian people does not familiar with English?

  • Not Many Russians Travel Abroad

If in some countries learning English may be an obligation, it will be different if you live in Russia. English is not a language that is required to be learned, even that’s not a problem if you do not understand English. You will be considered normal even if you can’t speak English in Russia, especially if you’ve mastered the Russian language.

For the Russians, they need to learn English when they travel abroad. But in fact, there are a lot of Russians who don’t even have a foreign passport to go abroad. Some even never went outside the borders of Russia.

  • Not Many Schools in Russia Teach English As A Second Language

The standard answer that you will get when asking Russians about their English, they will answer that they learned it while still in school or in college. Even though it is quite a long time and it is felt they will be fluent in English, but the fact is not all like that. Some of those who study English can understand something but cannot say anything.

And also, there are still some schools in Russia that do not make English as a foreign language that must be studied. There are many other languages that are also included in school subjects.

  • Many Russians Find English Grammar Very Difficult

Indeed, there are still many people who think that English grammar is difficult and scary. Likewise, most Russians who learn that language. They often forget and are also confused about how to use English grammar correctly.

For some reason, most Russians who study English think that if they make a lot of mistakes with what they say they will be judged harshly because of that mistake. It was more the fear will continue to make mistakes. When in fact from the mistakes we make, we will be able to know the rectification of the mistake and the mistake we did when learning something is not the end of everything.

  • The Russians Are Not Able to Hear A Few Words in The English Language

In Russia, one of the factors that makes it difficult for Russians to learn English is because of different expressions that make them unable to hear certain words. Especially in some expressions that have a mixture of vowels that cannot be pronounced. It feels difficult for them.

How to pronounce some words in the English language is also often difficult for the Russians. Often there are cases where the other person captures another intent that is different from what they really want to say. Therefore, there are still some Russians that combine English and Russian language when saying something in English that they think is difficult to pronounce it.

  • Many Things Originating from Outside Russia Have Been Re-Translated into Russian

Another factor that makes not many Russians who can speak English are all things that come from outside the country Russia has been translated into Russian. So that they no longer need to learn English. Maybe when you and they both watch movies, it will feel different. You might even never know how the original versions of things that have been re-translated are like books, films, cartoons and other things like that.

And maybe there are still some of why does Russian people does not familiar with English that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about why does Russian people does not familiar with English. So, for those of you who are studying a foreign language whatever it is, let’s keep the spirit to learn before it is too late.

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