9 Famous Places to Visit in Kazan That Will Make You Amaze

If someone asked you to mention famous places to visit in Russia. can you mention something else then Moscow and Saint Petersburg? The chances are very unlikely. Russian landmarks and tourist attraction spots are centered in this two city. Moscow is the capital city, the center of education and economy of Russia and Saint Petersburg as […]

5 Most Interesting Winter Festival in Russia

Winter festival in Russia is long and popular. Russia has one of the coldest weather in the world even during summer. Subsequently, Russia holds a Winter festival to cheer the people and fight the cold weather. Young and old come together to have a feast and celebrate winter despite its cold. These festivals attract tourist […]

Here are the Most Popular Places for Foreigners to Live in Russia

Do you wish to live in Russia after getting a job? Do you know what popular place for foreigners like you? Here are the most popular places for foreigners to live in Russia. Yes, you read it right. You can live in Russia according to the popularity of the place. You can live among foreigners just […]

7 Famous places to visit during winter in Russia

Russia has four seasons, where the most unpopular season is winter. In this winter many Russian people are lazy to activity. This condition is because the air temperature can reach minus 40 °C.  This extreme state of temperature requires the body to always be active in order to warm the body. The majority of Russians overcome […]