Quiet Winter in Kazan; What Things to Do?

Winter is presenting the beauty which might not everyone can see it directly. As we know, not all countries in the world have winter. For this reason, often a lot of people who deliberately go abroad during the winter so that they can enjoy the beauty of winter and the snow. Although in the same […]

9 Famous Places to Visit in Kazan That Will Make You Amaze

If someone asked you to mention famous places to visit in Russia. can you mention something else then Moscow and Saint Petersburg? The chances are very unlikely. Russian landmarks and tourist attraction spots are centered in this two city. Moscow is the capital city, the center of education and economy of Russia and Saint Petersburg as […]

7 Best Nightlife in Kazan That Go Well With Your Budget

If you traveling in a budget, Russia can be a nice choice to visit with a certain preparation of course. commonly, people will think budget travel is not possible in this country, but several facts actually send positive signals. Firstly with 4 seasons applied, the low season happens during autumn when school start and summer […]

8 Unusual and Weird Things in Kazan

Before we decided to go somewhere, the main thing we search is the best things we can do there. Often travelers will seek things that they can’t find back home. Visitors from tropical countries will thing snow is amazing, and a visitor from four seasons countries will soak the burning sun of tropical beaches. So, […]

Facts You Should Know About Kazan, City in Russia

Russia is known as a powerful country, with its powerful military and completed with an outstanding wealth. In th country, you can find some unique and interesting buildings like Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kizhi Island, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and also Grand Kremlin Palace. Most of you have known about one of the famous city in Russia, called […]