7 Famous places to visit during winter in Russia

Russia has four seasons, where the most unpopular season is winter. In this winter many Russian people are lazy to activity. This condition is because the air temperature can reach minus 40 °C.  This extreme state of temperature requires the body to always be active in order to warm the body. The majority of Russians overcome this extreme condition by consuming alcoholic beverages in order to warm the body. In addition, by wearing thick clothing such as clothing from bear skin is also able to reduce coldness. This article will discuss about 7 Famous places to visit during winter in Russia.

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In this winter people usually russia rarely out and stay silent or sleep at home. Habits like this that will bring harm to their body, because if less beraktiftas or move it will cause blood clotting. The only way is to run the activity for the system of the body experiencing metabolism. Therefore, Russians often vacation in places worth visiting during winter. Here are 7 Famous places to visit during winter in Russia, among others:

1. Polar cold in Siberia

7 Famous places to visit during winter in RussiaThis area is mostly covered by snow. This place has an extreme temperature of 40 ° C in winter. Although the cold air temperature here but does not reduce the number of visitors due to visit this place the visitors can test the level of endurance of the body. It is even noted that this place once reached a temperature of minus 77 ° C. n winter this place has a natural phenomenon that is frightening.

This phenomenon by the natives of this place is known as the whisper of animals, with the intent of the winter visitors will listen to the breath slow breathing of some animals in this cold polar siberia including polar bears.

2. An extreme adventure in the Ural Mountains

Ural is the boundary between europe and asia. The ural mountains are the oldest mountains in the world with extreme environmental conditions. These ural mountains are used for nature reserves and sky play areas. Russians often run sports in the winter in this place. Near this place lies a cave that is believed to be the longest cave in the world.

In addition to running sports skiing, in the area around this ural mountains can be used as campsites. The state of the environment regarding cleanliness and complete support facilities make this place the best in Russia.

3. Bathing in Siberia and jaogging on ice Baikal

7 Famous places to visit during winter in RussiaIn this neighborhood has the deepest and cleanest lake in the world of good lake. For 10 years in a row this international winter marathon organized with 42 km distance above the ice of this lake. Conditions of fine lake is so clear until the algae or other small plants are clearly visible. In this place, viitor can do like ice sky, or Siberia herbal treatment course.

This place is also used as a medium to cure various diseases by utilizing the water in this fine lake. Where according to local residents that the healing ability for various diseases is much more powerful when frozen when in cold seoson. You must read lake baikal as the deepest and weirdest lake.

For more information about Lake Baikal including more mysteries and animals living inside it, you can see and read 3 Mysteries and Myths Surrounding Lake Baikal, and 6 Animals that Live in Lake Baikal, Russia.

4. Heli-ski from inland Kamchatka

7 Famous places to visit during winter in RussiaOther tourist attractions that deserve a reference when in winter is heli-ski from inland Kamchatka. The condition of Heli-ski from inland Kamchatka thus makes the attraction for the ice skaters. In this place seen some activities like the heli ski skate from peak soft to the slopes.

In addition, winter in this place there are tour packages in the tour in this region by using a jeep through the hills – geysers.

5. Climb a troika train and glide in the cities of Ancient Russia

Some ancient cities such as Yaroslavi provide ancient to climb around the city. This phenomenon occurs only in winter. In addition to the city, kastronia and uglich towns also offer riding activities in the winter. This train through snow-covered forests.

6. Underwater fishing and snowmobile tour in Altai

Another favorite winter resort is altai, a mountain row south of Siberia. In this place you can enjoy beautiful scenery, hike on horseback, or take a ski tour, or ride a snowmobile, go ice fishing on Lake Teletskoye, hunt, steam bath a la Russia, and, of course, ski and skating snow. This place is most recommended by the traveler when it comes to winter. In this place, visitors can see the icebergs made of snow. Here also there is a lake that is often used as a means of proofing the resilience of a person with a bath in the lake that is goluboye lake. Uniquely from this lake, where the water in this lake does not open at a temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius.

7. Winter in the Russian tropics

In winter the area has the highest temperatures so it is known as the warmest winter. One of the regions in Russia is experiencing a natural condition such as tiu, the area is near Sochi, Russia. This place is suitable for you who seek warmth in winter in Russia, here visitors can walk through palm trees and eucalyptus forest remnants, skiing and snowboarding. Also check popular city that you must visit in Russia.

Similarly, a brief description of 7 Famous places to visit during winter in Russia For those of you who want to winter in Russia by visiting these places then you should immediately take a vacation to Russia by preparing yourself including learning Russian.

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