5 Most Interesting Winter Festival in Russia

Winter festival in Russia is long and popular. Russia has one of the coldest weather in the world even during summer. Subsequently, Russia holds a Winter festival to cheer the people and fight the cold weather. Young and old come together to have a feast and celebrate winter despite its cold. These festivals attract tourist and locals and foreigners. Before long, the world turns to Russia for Winter experience. Tourist comes by visiting famous citiesenjoy winter like Russian folk or go to winter festivals. Winter festival held widely across Russia but some really become an icon for to Russia tourism, here are 5 Most Interesting Winter Festival in Russia.

Where to find winter festival

Each district will hold winter festivals across the country, mostly culture gathering, ice sculptures or winter games. The most popular ones are held in Moscow.  As time progress more district held festivals, even in remote areas where it is the coldest from all Russia. Festivals combine culture tradition, food, and dancing create the most interesting winter festivals in Russia. Therefore every generation and maintain their tradition and make it cool for the young ones. Among the famous winter festival in Russia can be found in Moscow or in big cities.

1. Festival Maslenitsa

Festival Maslenitsa or Pancake Festivals means sweets. The festival serves Russian pancakes, blini for a whole week, from 24 of February to 2nd of March. This festival held at the end of winter, when food is almost out. The Russian woman makes round pancakes from butter, egg, and milk like the sun. It has many fillings, salty with caviar or sweet with homemade jam. Locals get excited when making blini because it means springs is just around the corner.

Russians gather to eat blini, share it with friends and moreover put them around their neck. The tradition becomes Festivals that lasts for seven days. Travel agents will hold tours to attract tourist to take part in the event.  First of all, participant eats and make blini, as the main attraction for the whole week. Then people can learn a traditional song and dance, ice skating, and other sports activities. Finally, on the last day, all people come together around a large doll made of straw and burn it. It symbolizes the beginning of springtime and the end of winter.

2. Festival the Circle of Light

This festival uses a large amount of light to decorates landmarks, parks in several areas. The light combines with sounds effect, and narration gives a spectacular show for its audience. Family, locals, and tourist-filled the festival and enjoy the show. The shows held in public places such as Poklonnaya Gora, Teatralnaya Ploshchad, and Kolomenskoye Estate Park.

The Circle of light shows tells the story of Russian history or folklore, in a modern storytelling in motion. It uses light, dancing fountain and fireworks. The festivals feature of Russian best artist, musician, and technology creator, also exhibit many art and culture work.

3. International Festival – Competition of Snow and Ice Sculpture – Krasnoyarsk

Frozen river bank of Yenisei held the annual The Snow and Ice Festival – Competitions. The small city in the Siberian area hosts a worldwide recognized festival and competition at the same time. Artists from China, Canada, Japan, and other countries, create carving artworks of landmarks, mystical creatures, and animals.

The festival marks the beginning of the New Year. Visitors can enjoy the carving, join the competition and furthermore, try to make ice carving with the help of experts.

4. Festival Journey of Christmas

The biggest festival in Russia in Christmas celebration. The festival combines traditional Russian Christmas and modern elements. Russian Santa Claus is Ded Moroz the Grandfather Frost. The friendly Santa assistant is not by elf but his granddaughter, Snegurochka the Snow Maiden.

The journey of Christmas holds for a month, from December 18 until January 14. Firstly, visitors can explore the 40 venues Christmas market, enjoy winter sports and activities. Above all, culture lover will love shows and concerts exhibited on the street and concert hall.

a. The market of Revolution Square

Visitors can buy trinkets Russian Christmas crafts, traditional clothing, food, and drink. This place sells various Russian items such as handmade valenki, the traditional Russian winter footwear. Even if you shopping in a low budget, you can buy things that fit your pocket.

b. Culture in Izmailovo Park

Tradition is the theme of this park. Concert performances and traditional Russian dance exhibited. Iconic Russian troika ride is another traditional means of transportations. Visitors can ride it while keeping warm under a blanket and enjoying the scenery. Travelers can also find Russian Santa Claus and his grand-daughter. They can talk, exchange gift and take photos, as they are a part of Russian culture.

c. Winter sport and Ice sculpture Gorky Park

This park represents Art and craft. The park exhibits ice works in form of an imaginary creature, animals, and famous landmarks. The artwork decorates the park. Therefore, the ice carving creates amazing scenery. The park also builds big skating rink and giant ice labyrinth as part of the festivals. The most important thing is the festivals can be enjoyed for free.

d. Children Winter Dream in Tverskaya Square

The main attraction for children lies in Tverskaya Square. In this place, children can do many activities. First of all, they can dress up a Christmas tree. Moreover, kids can learn to make sweets, take pictures, enjoy the carousel ride and many more.

5. New Year Festivals

Russian celebrate two New Years. The first New Years is on December 31st  when a family gathers in public places. Places like The Red Square is filled with people dancing to Russian songs and enjoying fireworks. The highlight of the night is the Ded Moroz the Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter. Unlike other countries, Christmas elements are used until New years. Another important activity for a family is visiting their in-laws or relatives. Many Family gathers and have a traditional Russian dinner with wine. Finally, Spasskaya Clock Tower strikes on 12 at midnight to sign the beginning of New Year. As a result, people are cheering, hugging even to strangers and sing into traditional songs.

New Years holiday lasts for 10 days. While the celebration is similar to the rest of the world, the excitement lasts for quite sometimes. Since Russian takes their Christmas celebration very seriously, they have a very long holiday from works or schools. Meanwhile, New Years for orthodox Christian falls on Jan. 7, the celebration is widely celebrated even by non-orthodox Christian. Just like Christmas, people gather and have meals with champagne and vodka.

These 5 Most Interesting Winter Festival in Russia shows the fun celebration you can experience even in winter. visitors can enjoy winter warmth and hospitality. It is recommended to Travel light during winter time to experience maximum trip.

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