Tips to Get the Cheapest Holiday in Russian Over the Winter Season

The holidays are a very enjoyable time for most people. People who want to go on holidays will find and prepare everything possible so that their planned holiday goes well. Including about the tips that are needed in order to enjoy the maximum holiday time possible. Likewise, if you are visiting Russia. You should find […]

Enjoy Your Winter Season Over the Moscow Parks 

At some point around the end of November, Moscow transforms into a snow-shrouded festive heaven practically overnight. It is enticing to remain inside with a blanket, yet these regular activities make sure to get you out of the house. Try to travel to Moscow during winter as it is a unique experience you need.   Russians […]

What Things That You Can Find in Yakutia On This Winter Season?

Vacationing and enjoying the winter scenery is very pleasant, right? Although there are some people who feel disturbed by the cold temperatures, but there are still many things we can do during winter. Because as we all know, there are many activities that can only be done during the winter and the amount of snowfall. […]

Wildlife Winter Experience in Yamal Russia; How Dare You Are!

Holidays that are full of challenges are often the choice of some people. Either directly related to nature or other things that stimulate adrenaline. This type of vacation will give satisfaction to those who like it. There are many places in the world that you can visit if you really like a challenging holiday. You […]

Kola Peninsula; All Things About the Winter Here!

As we know, there are many countries that experience winter to snow from mild to heavy. There are even some countries that have extreme temperatures in the winter. But even so, winter also provides a beautiful and amazing view. Beautiful scenery is what people often look for when visiting a place. Despite being in the […]

The Rarest Winter View Only in Russia

Winter does provide an amazing view. You will be able to see a beautiful view where the whole city is covered with snow. Even though it looks beautiful, snow that is too thick can also endanger the people around it. Some countries in the world that experience winter have their own unique views. This scene […]

Enjoy Your Winter Journey in Listvyanka

Climatologists believe that winter begins when the average daily air temperature passes through zero degrees Celsius in the direction of lowering. In Russia, this time varies depending on the region: the earliest beginning of winter is observed at the end of September (Yakutia), the latest – at the beginning of January (Krasnodar Territory). In the […]

Does Ushanka Can Be Worn By Everyone?

Many cultures around the world develop their own brand of headgear. The headgear may be used as mere clothing accessories, ceremonial artifact, or a form of protection from extreme weather. As one country that encompasses some of the coldest place on earth as well as some of the most fashionable residents worldwide, Russia also designs […]

4 Russian Shawl For Warm And Beautiful Look In Winter

Russian shawl is one of a kind souvenir that tourists won’t miss when they come to Russia. But Russian shawls are more than mere souvenir. The use of shawl is deeply entrenched within Russian tradition. Many women in Russia choose shawl as their most favorite accessory, for the simple reason that it offers both comfort […]

6 Favorite Lakes To Do Swimming Festival in Russia

Winter swimming is like a popular challenge in Russia. Instead of being popular in a certain period of time, ice-swimming is an annual trend in Russia. It usually celebrated to commemorate the Christian’s Epiphany days. Epiphany is a holiday marking Jesus Baptism at river Jordan.  Although it’s originally a Christian holiday, nowadays the participants of […]