9 Famous Places to Visit in Kazan That Will Make You Amaze

If someone asked you to mention famous places to visit in Russia. can you mention something else then Moscow and Saint Petersburg? The chances are very unlikely. Russian landmarks and tourist attraction spots are centered in this two city. Moscow is the capital city, the center of education and economy of Russia and Saint Petersburg as the second largest city after Moscow, packed with the museum and famous landmark. If tourist travel to Russia in short period time, these cities will be the highlight of their agenda.

The third capital city or also known as Millenial City, Kazan is gaining popularity among traveler. The city is the best place to learn Tartar culture even the name “Kazan” originally come from Tartar word “Qatan” means a kettle. Majority of Kazan’s population is Moslem, therefore many famous places to visit in Kazan related to Islam background, it is a heaven for tourist, especially for Muslim travelers. If you decide to travel to Kazan check out this bucket list of the best place to visit in Kazan.

Famous places in Russia are mostly architectural or nature sighting. Russia is known to create grand and big things. Their palaces are enormous and spacious. The town square is wide and well build. Furthermore, the streets are paved and broad. So it is no surprise that visitors come to Russia and amaze with Russian architectures. Those amazing famous places exist not only in Moscow and Saint Petersburg but also in Kazan.

Famous places in Kazan

Kazan architectural is as magnificent as found in both of the biggest city in Russia. The uniqueness of Kazan’s architectural is religion and Tartar influence that enrichens its buildings. The size, height, and decoration will amaze anyone that comes to visit Kaza. Here are 9 Famous places in Kazan that will make you amaze.

1. Pyramid Culture and Entertainment Center

The high-tech pyramid-shaped center is seven-level, 31.5-metre (103-foot) tall Pyramid accommodates 2,500 visitors and 500 staff. The Pyramid hosts rock and pop acts, as well as official events, festivals, competitions and conventions. The Pyramid also houses a nightclub, health center, café, panoramic two-level restaurant on the top floors, beauty salon, and New Century television and radio studio. The top floor in the apex of the pyramid-shaped building contains a restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view of the city, while the ground floor houses a cafe and a disco club.

2. Kazan Kremlin and Famous Places

The Kazan Kremlin is situated in the middle of Kazan. The spacious tourist attractions lie on a high peninsular towards the Volga Rivers. This famous places in Kazan is a series of a building surrounded by a fortress. The architectural is dated back to 10th century and it is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Some of the buildings in Kazan Kremlin are :

  • The Annunciation Cathedral, a Russian church with six piers and five apses.
  • Leaning Soyembika Tower, The 58-meter seven-storied tower leans like the tower in Pisa. The tower originally used as Khan’s tower and attract tourist by its uniqueness.
  • The Spasskaya Tower, located at the main entrance to the Kremlin.
  • Museum of Brotherhood Tartarstan, exhibit Turkish-Tatar statehood, to joining the Russian Empire.
  • The Presidential Palace, the residence of Tatarstan president.
  • Hermitage-Kazan Exhibition Centre, world-class exhibitions that display art from Russian and Tartar history.
  • Kul Sharif Mosque, evidence of Islam in Russia, with Ottoman architecture especially with 8 minarets and a central cupola. The mosque serves as museum, library, place to pray and publishing house. There are other mosques can be seen in other parts of Russia.

Today Kazan Kremlin is beautiful and will take any breath away for visiting various architectures that symbolized unity between Russian and Islam. The numerous redesign creates a unique landscape that portrays a modern Russia, therefore tourist will relate Kazan as the Millenial city.

3. Kazan University

Other famous places in Kazan are the oldest Russian university where Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Lenin used to be its students. The Neo-Classicism buildings close to Kremlevskaya Street. Visitors will learn back in time in the Museum of Kazan University History where photos and documents and old scientific equipment is presented.

4. Temple of all Religion

Russian architectural are amazing and magnificent. Tourist can easily find the resemblance if iconic places in Moscow and Saint Petersberg. When the visitor enters Kazan, they will experience something strangely unique and will make anyone amaze. How a person can melt a multicultural architectural and blend it into one enchanting temple. The Temple of All Religion, demonstrate precisely as its name. This famous place in Kazan landmark combine minarets of a mosque, pagoda rooftop, dome of Orthodox Church, each element complement each other in a bizarre and modern way.

This famous iconic temple in Kazan does not hold any religious activities for any of the religion symbolize in the architectural, and can only be enjoyed from outside. The inside part of this famous place is not open for public, although occasionally hold various concerts and evening gatherings.

5. Tugan Avylym

Kazan continues to pamper visitors eyes with remarkable structural across the town. Tugan Avylym represents traditional Tatar wooden village. The village is bright with yellow, red and other bright colors decorating several wooden little houses. The houses are simply built, but the color attracts both adult and children. The atmosphere of the village seems like a place where you can playhouses with your friends.

The overall construction gives a homey and friendly vibe of Tartartar people. The village also presents a full range tartar culture, with restaurants serves tartar dishes, cooking class for those who wish to learn tartar cuisine, tartar performances of songs and dances. People visiting this village will experience a taste of tartar life.

6. Kazan Family Center

Kazan has a special place for lovers to exchange their vows. A famous place in Kazan that will make you amaze of its structure and meaning is Kazan Family Center.  Visitors to Russia will always need to really look up to get the overall view of the buildings. The massive cauldron-like structure, with a two-floor observation deck, is an amazing sight everyone must visit.

Dashi Namdakov designs the huge cauldron wedding place, overlooking the city, the round shape gives a whole view of Kazan city. The mega spacious venue can accommodate one hundred wedding at the same time. Foreign visitors would be reminded of the famous Harry Potter cauldron where in fact the inspiration is taken from the epoch of the Great Volga Bulgars, the Kazan Khanate and Classicism.

7. Millennial Bridge

Coincidence or not, when the Kazan city celebrates its millennial birthday, this bridge is open for public. The M-shaped bridge with the 45-meter-high pillar is a prove Russian stay true to its grand enormous architectural style. The letter M said to means “millennium” and best seen at night when lights turned on and can be seen from afar. When the center lights in the M shape are lighted, the bridge becomes an amazing sight.

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