8 Romantic Places in Moscow to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day

valentine in RussiaPlanning to go to Russia on Valentine’s Day? Happened to be in Moscow on February 14th? You’ve come to the right places. Moscow is certainly no Paris, the capital of Romance. But fear not, Moscow is still one of the romantic cities in the world. Planning a romantic date is easy here as every corner of the city it’s easy to find a perfect spot for dates.

Everyone has a different definition of what would make a memorable romantic date. For some, the idea of strolling in nature listening to the birds singing and enjoying the breeze with loved ones is romantic. For others, it is about doing a culture-related activity, either visiting a museum, or hand in hand watching a cultural show.

Some people’s definition of romantic could be an evening over meals. Good food and deep conversations in a cozy restaurant is their idea of romantic. The thing is, whichever your romantic style is, Moscow is ready to accommodate your needs and wants. So here are … romantic places in Moscow to celebrate your valentine’s day.

1. Red Square

The city’s main landmark is undoubtedly a romantic place to have a date. The UNESCO world heritage area is full of historic buildings perfect for your romantic backdrop while you stroll hand in hand with your loved one. Take a couple shot in front of the magical-looking St Basil Cathedral or peek inside the magnificent hall of Grand Kremlin Palace.

Red Square also has everything. From churches to museums to shopping malls. If your date loves visiting a museum, there’s State Historical Museum for you. If shopping is your idea of a romantic date, then there’s GUM shopping mall in front of the Kremlin. GUM is also where you could go to eat. Romantic restaurants are available for you to dine in.

2. St Basil Cathedral

The most famous church of Russia is marvelous with its seven domes, each has different shape and pattern. St Basil Cathedral is built by Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century. The architecture will remind you of a princess castle, only much more elaborate. If you come during winter, the sight of this cathedral showered by snow will make you feel like being transported to the land of the fairy tale.

If St. Basil Catherdral’s exterior already awes you, then prepare to be impressed further when you go inside. Every inch of the wall is decorated with intrinsic pattern and paintings. The color is as vibrant and as colorful as it is in the exterior. Take your date venturing its halls and corridors and have the most romantic date ever one can have inside a church.

3. Gorky Park

If you prefer for a date out in nature but rather not escape the city, then Gorky Park is the right place to go. It is located in the center of Moscow, at the embankment of Moscow River. Gorky Park is a public park in Moscow and built in 1928. Occupying an area of 121 ha, the park will need one full day to explore each of its parts.

There are so many things to do here. You can lay a mat on its perfectly mowed green grass and enjoy the morning sun. Or sit on one of the many unique and comfortable benches here. Strolling around between the trees can also be a romantic date. In the evening, go catch the sunset on a platform beside Moscow River.

If it’s snowing when you have a date, which is possible since it’s February, you’ll be welcomed with the most enchanting and magical nature. The bridge above the small lake at the park serves as a perfect viewpoint as you and your date watching the world around you blanketed with white snow. During winter, Gorky Park also serves as an ice rink for ice skating. Now that’s one more fun activity to do during the date.

4. Arbat Street

The one-kilometer long historic street of Arbat is also a romantic place for your Valentine’s Day. Take your date to window shop in one of the oldest street in Russia. If both of you have a penchant for art and culture, then Arbat is a perfect place to reminisce the old Russia, when it is a popular residential area for artists, authors, and actors.

5. Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theater will certainly impress your date with its beautiful and grand interior. Get a ticket to watch a performance here, and come dressed the best, just like the cultured people of the past century. Bolshoi Theater has resident opera and ballet, known as one of the finest in the world. The tickets won’t be cheap, but the whole experience is not only worth it, but also an ultimate unforgettable experience.

6. MGU Botanic Garden

If you prefer a quieter park than Gorky Park, then MGU Botanic Garden can be the right venue for you and your date. To make everything better, MGU Botanic Garden is full of colorful flowers, which in line with Valentine’s Day vibe. Visit on perfect weather to experience the best of this park. It is located at Moscow University. You can see the main campus of this university, the tallest university building in the world, looms in the background.

7. Tsaritsyno Museum-reserve

Tsarytsino Open-Air History and Architectural Museum is your date location if you want a park and palace combined. Spend hours here as you explore its well-tended garden, centuries-old arches and gates, and romantic bridges. There’s also an ancient village and fountains with a light show every evening.

The museum of Tsaritsyno Palace is also worth a visit. Inside, marvel over its luxurious ballrooms and corridors. Pictures of past Russian Empress and Emperor adorn the wall. The jewelry room exhibit collections of hundred years old jewelry belonged by past royalty. For an economical date, the museum is free of charge for every third weekend.

8. Izmaylovo Flea Market

Before you’re thinking how a flea market is supposed to be romantic, let me tell you some arguments. The flea market is full of trinkets carrying the memory of the past, which is romantic in its own way. If you are a couple with a penchant of treasure hunting, a flea market is not only romantic but also a fun date.

Izmaylovo Flea Market is located close to Izmaylovsky Park. So you can relax and enjoy nature afterward in this park. The flea market is also a cheap place to do souvenir shopping. Expect to go home with a lot of shopping bags if you have a romantic date here.

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