6 Most Effective Ways to Get Russian Girlfriend in a Month

If you are a kind of man who are looking for a beautiful Russian woman to date and eventually marry her, you need these information. Why? Because Russian women are different from women in your country. They have different lifestyle and attitude. Moreover, they have different preferences that makes them hard to get. However, you do not need to worry as below are 6 most effective ways to get Russian girlfriend in a month.

1. Compliment Your Lady

Like all women, Russian women also like to be praised and complimented. They like men who pay attention more to their style and beauty. In fact, there are some women who dress to impress their husband or partner. They’re even willing to go to the gym to maintain their weight. Thus, it is undeniable that they also like men who dress well and maintain their posture. Read pick-up lines to approach girl in Russian and effective ways to greet Russian women.

2. Be Romantic and Nice

If romantic does not exist in your vocabulary, then you may want to reconsider it as Russian women like men who are romantic. When you already have a chance to date a woman, prepare some romantic words to use when appropriate. Do not overuse them. Be balance. Although they like romantic man, it does not mean that you can use them all the time, unless they will be easily get bored.

There is an explanation why Russian women like romantic men. This is because most Russian men does not care about being romantic. Some of them are quite rough. Thus, if you can be romantic in front of her, you will have more value than their men. Moreover, if you always put yourself ahead of her, like opening the doors and pulling out the chair for her, she will engrave your name in her heart.

Being romantic is not only about language, but also attitude. It is good to schedule a candle light dinner and order her favorite food. Listening to your gentle voice, seeing you dress so well and listening to their favorite song while enjoying a romantic atmosphere will surely boost your image.

3. Do not Bring Sexual Topic

When you already get a chance to speak more with her, avoid sexual talk. It is too risky to talk about that topic when you are on a date. It is even vulnerable when they still do not have any idea of marrying you. This is because they do not want anyone seeing them as sex objects. Besides, they will see men who bring the topic as desperate and immoral. Like any other women, they want to be safe and be loved. Before they can share such topic, they will make sure that you are the right man for her before she can initiate such topic.

4. Bring a Serious Topic

Instead of bringing sexual topic to make you look desperate in having sex, bring a serious topic. Russian women like to talk about politics and whatever happen in their country. So, try to study several events and trending issues in Russia before you go on date. Discussing about their opinions about politics and government will not ruin the night, instead they will see you as intelligent and practical.

However, do not talk so much about politics as those topics are quite hard. Try to change topic into poetry and literature. If everything goes smooth, try to ask several things about her family. The point is, try to entertain her a long the night and do not just stop talking or talking the same topic the throughout the night, unless she will get bored.

5. Travelling

Like all people, Russian women also like to travel. If you have a chance, take her to a trip to get to know her more. Try to talk about some interesting places that you want to visit with her. Moreover, you can ask her what places that she want to visit the most. You can also mention how much you want to travel to Russia or some places so it can entice her and probably she wants to join to. Then, schedule a trip with her. Make sure that you have prepared everything necessary before starting the journey, like making sure that the weather is nice and you have booked a place to stay if you plan to spend several days in the same place. Also read most likable things for Russian girl.

6. Do not Pretend

Russian women have different preference of with whom they will put their hearts. Some of them love sportsmen, some musicians while other like nerds. However, those are not the things that you should bother with. Instead of trying to impress her by faking yourself, just be yourself. By being yourself, you can maximize your capacity to the fullest that can make your attempt to impress her easier. It is better than trying hard one week prior to the date and then you do fail to show your best. Instead of faking your talent, try to find something in common, like hobby, favorite book or song. Then you can try to discuss them with her and take her to any related events or join a community that allow you to get know more of the topic.

Those are 6 most effective ways to get Russian girlfriend in a month. For more information, you can also read effective steps of how to date Russian women and reasons that you must date Russian girl.

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