What Russian Do When Valentine’s Day is Approaching

valentine's dayAll over the world, Valentine’s day is celebrated with romantic gestures. After all, it’s indeed the day of love. A typical celebration on valentine’s day would be a dinner date or exchanging presents such as giving chocolate and flower. These kind of activities are what popularized by mainstream media nowadays.

But what about in Russia? Valentine’s Day in Russia is a relatively new celebration. It came to Russia around the 90s. Although new, it quickly gained popularity throughout the years. Valentine’s Day is not a national holiday in Russia, but couples around the country will take time from the day to have a special occasion.

What Russian do when valentine’s day is approaching? It’s actually pretty much similar like the rest of the world. The women will receive their favorite chocolate or small gifts from their lovers and admirers. Some schools hold special events, concerts, and parties to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Shops and businesses offer special offers such as sales or discounts. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day banners and decorations on malls and other businesses.

1. Ask someone to be his/her valentine

This is the sweetest thing ever. And not only exclusively to Russian only, asking someone to be our valentine is a global act. However, if you want to ask your Russian girlfriend or boyfriend, consider asking them in their native language. It’s thoughtful and the consideration will get you a ‘yes’ easily.

How to ask someone to be our valentine in the Russian language? Learn several useful phrases below.

Asking a guy:

  • Tы будешь моим валентином? (Ty budyesh moim Valentinom?) – Will you be my Valentine?
  • Будь моим Валентином (Bud’ moim Valentinom) – Be my valentine

Asking a girl:

  • Ты будешь моей валентиной? (Ty budyesh moyey Valentinoy?) – Will you be my Valentine?
  • Будь моей Валентиной! (Bud’ moyey valentinoy) – Be my valentine

Now try and practice that!

2. Buy and prepare gift

Russian prepare gifts for valentine’s day, just like all of us. In some school in Russia, students will bring gifts on valentine’s day and exchange it with one another. Giving presents is a token of our love and affection toward our significant others, and Russians wholeheartedly agree with this.

What is the best gift for valentine’s day? Well, it’s different for each person. This is why understanding your gift recipient is important. What are their hobbies, their likes, and dislikes? Perhaps they’ve been wanting a certain gift for a quite sometimes. It’s your job to figure it out. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out about Russian personalized gifts for a lovely Valentine’s Day.

3. Plan a dinner date

Imagine sitting in a cozy restaurant on Valentine’s Day with your loved one. The food is amazing and the ambiance is good. You and your date both are having a great time. A dinner date is one of the most popular activities couples do on valentine’s day, in Russia included. As Valentine’s day is approaching, some couple will plan to have a romantic dinner.

They will research the best restaurants in town for the d-day. Luckily for Russians, cities in Russia are packed with good restaurants here and there. In Moscow, there are some cool restaurants which open until late at night. St. Petersburg has restaurants with the most authentic Russian food.

4. Plan a romantic trip

Some couples will such length to plan a trip for Valentine’s Day. After all, why not? Traveling together can strengthen the bond of one’s relationship. Together, they will go on some outing in nature or admiring arts together at a museum. And Russians are so lucky in this. They don’t need to get far aboard to travel to cool places.

Many Muscovites are probably bored visiting Red Square. However, the landmark is still a romantic place to stroll around hand in hand with girlfriend or boyfriend. Moving to St. Petersburg, the winter palace is perfect for couples who love learning history and art. For destinations in the countryside, couples can go to Trans-Siberian journey and stop by at scenic places such as Lake Baikal.

5. Looking for a movie to watch

Being activity couples do after dinner, watching a movie also needs some planning. Usually, around valentine’s day, there will be some romantic-comedy coming out. In 2017, the movie ice is the valentine watch of the year. Russia surprisingly has a number of romantic movies. These are a perfect watch list for Valentines’ day.

6. Planning to go dancing

Burn some calories after the date by going dancing. When Valentine’s Day is approaching, some Russians put nightclubs on their plan. You can go to the club with your partner. Single folks go to the club with their friends, hoping they will meet cool people there. Who knows, perhaps love is under the disco ball.

Russia has some cities which have a vibrant and exciting nightlife.

7. Invite friends

Being single is not an excuse to not celebrating Valentine’s Day. When single, Russian people can have an option to go out for a date with their friends. There are plenty of activities to do. Whether it is going for some food, watching movies, or other fun activities, there are always things to do than holed up alone at home.

8. Take advantages of special offers

Approaching Valentine’s Day, it’s not uncommon businesses in Russia offers special deals. During this time, avid shoppers will be delighted with all the sales and discounts. Shopping establishments in Russia compete with each other to spoil customers. Restaurants often also offer Valentine’s package, and so are other establishments where people possibly go for a Valentine date.

In conclusion, when Valentine’s Day approaching, what Russians do is pretty much the same with the rest of the world. Planning a date, buying a gift, and asking a crush out, those are what people do on Valentine’s Day.

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