10 Effective Steps of How To Date Russian Women (Must try!)

The beauty of Russian girls is famous all over the world. However, Russian girls have some uniqueness. You as a man must understand these things if you want to have relationships with Russian women. In recent times, more Russian women have established relationships with men from Indonesia. The number of Russian women married to Indonesian men continues to grow. It is because in Indonesian people do not consume alcohol and are able to maintain the integrity of the household. Well, if you want to get a Russian woman. Here are steps how to date Russian women. You may read also Dining Etiquette in Russia

  • Simple Questions

The Metro in the city of Moscow is not crowded all the time on weekends. People are more relaxed and the metro conditions are quieter. So there is more opportunity to meet and chat with someone. If you’ve met the right girl, try asking something simple, even if you know the answer. If their response is good, go to another simple question.

  • Invite to Drink Coffee

Most people consider the Russian girl to be less friendly and reluctant to smile. But you don’t need to be afraid to approach and greet her. After giving a few simple questions, try to go to the next stage. Then take a walk or stop by the cafe that sells coffee. Invite in a polite way, chances are the girls from this Red Bear Country will respond to you with a positive answer. See also another culture in Russia, Meal Time Etiquette in Russia

  • Invite a Date, Show The Seriousness

This is become one of the steps how to date Russian women. Invite a Russian woman to make a first date. Show your determination to her. Be romantic, you need not be ashamed to her. Russian women will smile and feel happy if there is a man who came near her. Thought unknown and say, “You have beautiful eyes, a sweet smile, and I really admire you.” Most Russian women will smile with a form of verbal attention.

Russian women love the figure of a real man. The Russian personality is mysterious, unusual, but very emotional and romantic. They are very happy when given flowers, made poetry, or invited to go for a walk together suddenly. When the date is over, make sure you pay the entire restaurant bill for her. Do not forget, make sure you take her to her home.

  • Courteous and Do Not Bother

Russian girls do not like men who talk too much. As time passes, this Russian girl will begin to know how your attitude really is. Whether talking or not. Be polite and do not have to make small talk. The Russian girl will appreciate it if you take her for a walk with confidence and do not speak harshly. This is reasons Why You Must Learn Russian Language

  • Confidence, The Key To Success

Russian women love confident men. They do not like men who are obedient. The man who always listens to everything his girlfriend asks is not interested for them. They want a strong man, because russian women always feel weak.

Therefore, try to show your courage. Russian women really appreciate it. Do not be shy, but do not be too hasty in expressing your love. Do not do it in the early relationship. It is actually scary and can make her pull away.

  • First Impressions are Very Important

In general, a Russian girl does not like a man who often spends his time in front of a mirror. They don’t like a man who always smeared his body with a moisturizing cream. Also a man who following fashion trends. Russian women refuse a man who worried about his broken nails. They skip a man who hobby of visiting a salon for a manicure. Also a man who undergoing a physical workout at the gym. They think a man with that’s all habit is weird.

  • Be an Elegant Man

A Russian saying goes, “You are what you wear.” For Russians, appearance is an important thing. Of course, this applies not only to women, but also to men. You do not need to dress expensive, but quite attractive. Obviously, dress in neat, clean clothes, but also have tastes. Therefore, as the Russians say, pour your “soul” on your outward appearance. 

  • The Smart Man is More Impressive

Strengthen your communication skills so you can create engaging conversations with your loved one. Be an irreplaceable companion for your lover. Remember, you not only need to be her lover, but also her best friend. Russians love to read books, watches new films and theatrical performances. Try to keep abreast of world political events. Conversations in the kitchen often even have a deep philosophy. Russians love to hang out with strangers. They hope you can tell them about your country and culture. See also How to Learn Russian Language Effectively

  • Be Yourself

You do not have to act or try to imitate a Russian man. You also do not need to show your masculinity by drinking and smoking. Although it is commonly done by Russian men. For Russian women, that is not an advantage. Russian women are happy with Indonesian men for not consuming alcohol, being diligent, and reliable.

Indonesian people are considered to uphold the values ​​of kinship. Therefore, Russian women consider Indonesian men will pay more attention to their families and household relationships than to Russian men. If Russian woman married an Indonesian man, she did not have to seduce her husband to keep her family. Its because the husband would naturally do that.

  • Good faith

Ultimately, your success to captivate Russian women depends on your good intentions. Try to keep the norms and ethics right when you are eating together. Keep your words spoken to always be polite. If you have not mastered Russian properly, you do not have to feel inferior. Use that opportunity to ask your female friend to teach you Russian. If you want to invite Russian women to marry, point out the exact reason why you should marry her. As much as possible, keep thinking positive. Because in Russia is too cold and life is quite heavy. So people get tired easily. It also affects their emotions, including Russian women. Read also How Great Military Parade In Russia

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