8 Recommended Places in St. Petersburg for Your Lovely Valentine’s Day

St Petersburg has no short of lovely places if you want to have a date here. The city, a gateway of Russia’s past and present, and a hub for art and culture is a definition of romantic. Every nook and cranny, posh or not, radiating that sentimental vibe only St. Petersburg can offer. On Valentine’s […]

10 Tips for A Memorable Date With Your Russian Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

How would you describe a perfect Valentine’s date with a Russian boyfriend? This is probably what you have in mind: You and your date having a great time, the place is perfect, the atmosphere is amazing, you both share an amazing moment, and there’s a great vibe between you. Well, a memorable date is not […]

9 Tips For Romantic Dinner With Your Russian Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

Planning for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day with your Russian girlfriend? Some preparation needs to be made to ensure you both have a good time. Impressing a Russian girlfriend is pretty much the same just like with women from the rest of the world. After all, we are women. But here are some detailed […]

What Russian Do When Valentine’s Day is Approaching

All over the world, Valentine’s day is celebrated with romantic gestures. After all, it’s indeed the day of love. A typical celebration on valentine’s day would be a dinner date or exchanging presents such as giving chocolate and flower. These kind of activities are what popularized by mainstream media nowadays. But what about in Russia? […]

10 Personal Traits that Russian Man Hate from Woman Instinctively

Have you ever have a crush on someone but after few times they seem like don’t care about you so suddenly? Woman, sometimes it’s not always because you’re not pretty enough, but it might be because of the mistakes you’re doing. It’s important to know how to impress and attract a man, but it’s more […]