8 Best Steps of How To Get a Russian Wife

Russia is a country that have many advantages. Besides being a developed country and one of the superpower, it turns out that many want to have a Russian partner. The beauty of Russian women has been famous in the world. In addition to beautiful, Russian women have the nature and attitude of a very pleasant if it has become his partner. So, how to get a Russian wife? See also How to Get Russian Husband

Russian women are independent, smart and faithful women. There is no reason to be unhappy about getting a Russian wife. Good news for Indonesian men, that the female population in Russia is more than men. Here’s your chance to conquer one of them. Russian women are notoriously indifferent, but not all Russian women are. Here’s 8 Best Steps of how to get a Russian wife.

1. Get Acquainted

You can start an introduction through your friends. This is the best way to get to know a Russian woman immediately. The principle of Russian women is ‘friends of my friends, my friends too’. Thank them for this one principle. Russian women will treat you well, because you are considered a friend.

If you can not do that way, you can get acquainted with Russian women in public places. Perhaps in passing, you will rarely meet a friendly Russian woman. But this should not be your obstacle. Russian women are friendly if you approach her politely. Get her to talk and tell her what do you want. Suppose that you are from another country and you do not know about an address, and so on. If you give a pleasant impression, she will not hesitate to give you a phone number to communicate further. 

You are advised not to praise it when you get acquainted. It makes a Russian woman afraid of you. She can think you are a flirtatious man, a Russian woman does not like it much. With good and polite words, treat her coffee as a thank you for telling you about Russia. You can do this if you meet a Russian woman in a relaxed place, like in a cafe.

2. Communicate well and give attention

If you manage to get her phone number, congratulations! However, you must be careful and remember some rules. Do not contact her too often or at inappropriate times. Russian women do not like to be disturbed. Do not ask where she or she is. Better ask how his mood and what he feels. It will show you attention, not control. You may read also Pros of having a Russian wife

3. Invite to Date

If communication with Russian women is fluent, invite her to meet. You should pay attention to exactly when you meet. Do not start a meeting suddenly because Russian women are generally very concerned about appearance. They had to dress and make up first before going out. On the first date, make sure you do everything right. Do not let Russian women get bored or become unhappy with you.

If the weather is friendly, take her for a walk. Show your favorite places in the city. You can start conversations about architecture and history. It can easily flow into more personal and meaningful conversations. Asked if she had personal experience with the place, did she ever play there as a kid? Such memories will evoke positive emotions.

If the weather is not possible to walk, invite her to the exhibition. Previously, learn some interesting facts and use that as a conversation opener. Russian women love smart and knowledgeable men.

4. Be a Polite Man

Russian girls do not like men who talk too much. As time passes, this Russian girl will begin to know how your attitude really is. Whether talking or not. Be polite and do not need to make small talk. The Russian girl will appreciate it if you take her for a walk with confidence and do not speak harshly.

Russian women are different from European and American women. They are happy when a man opens the door for her, or helps her take off her coat. You should avoid giving gifts, especially expensive gifts at the first meeting. Russian women will think you are trying to ‘buy’ her. However, paying her a meal or a taxi fare is mandatory.

5. Be an Elegant Man

This is one of the way how to get a Russian wife. There is a Russian sage saying, “You are what you wear.” Well it means for the Russians, appearance is an important thing to note. Of course, this applies not only to women but also to men. You do not need to dress expensive, but quite attractive. Obviously, dress in neat, clean clothes, but also have tastes. See also Dating Etiquette with Russian women

6. Be an Intelligent Man

Russian women are generally scholars. You should know that they are smart women. No need to compensate with clever learner, you just need to be a comfortable person while chatting with her. For example discussing politics, history, or anything else, you should be able to keep up. She will like you if you can talk about what she likes.

7. Express Your Feelings For a Serious Relationship

If your approach is smooth and you have a feel for the Russian woman, express your feelings. Declare that you want to marry her. If she also love you, there can be no refusal for a serious relationship. The scarcity of men in Russia will help you to get a Russian woman.

If a Russian woman has accepted you, you can continue to know her family. Make sure you are living a serious relationship. Its mean you should immediately involve family. Take her to your country and get acquainted with your family as well as your obligations. Make her comfortable with your family. So if there is a marriage, your Russian wife does not feel neglected in your country. Read also Interesting facts about Russian women

8. Prepare wedding documents

Marrying means formalizing a relationship to be recognized by the state. Prepare all the documents needed for the wedding. Inter-country marriage will be more complex. So be patient and wrap up. Sometimes for the sake of preparing for marriage, a couple will often quarrel.

It’s a good idea for you and your Russian partner to discuss in which country you will stay. Because the preparation of document removal also takes a lot of time. See also How to Make a Russian woman fall in love with you

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