10 Pros of Having Russian Husband (must know!)

Learning the culture of every country in the world has always been interesting. This is because each country has its own culture as identity. Especially if you as an Indonesian who wants to know about Russian culture. Russia is one of the Asian countries, but it is directly adjacent to Europe. The culture and nature of Russians are influenced from different countries because of the strategic location. Thats become you have some pros of having Russian husband. See also How to get a Russian man

How do you feel about the Russian Men? Have you ever imagined that one of them became your husband? Russian men have traits that may not be owned by men from any country. The Russian state with its strong history, like the former Soviet Union, the former communist state, and so on. It makes a Russian man more perfectionist and idealistic to himself. That trait could be one of the advantages for the Russian Men’s patner. This ever-perfect nature makes a Russian man desirable to be a life partner. Here are some pros of having Russian husband :

1. Have good maturity

If he have found the woman he loves, the Russian man is not afraid to have a serious relationship immediately. Most Russians are ready to start adult life at the age of 20 to 25, whereas the Germans or Italians will usually not be ready until they are 35. They are ready to take charge of their lives and take it seriously. This maturity will be carried away when you live with your household.

2. Polite

The number of women in Russia is more than the number of men. But this does not make russian men disrespect women. Many Russian children are raised by single parent. So when they grow up, will appreciate the women around him, let alone his wife. In addition, in general, Russian men are polite. Read also Reasons why you must learn Russian

3. Romantic

Although it is not too common now, romance is still needed in a relationship. Generally now people express feelings in a more straightforward manner without offering romance. But if you get a Russian husband, romantic things to them is natural. You just prepare to accept their romantic attitude to you. The Russian man likes to recite poetry, singing a song for his partner. Romantic classics like this is sometimes more memorable in the hearts of women.

4. Put Family First

This is a trait that is common to all people, not even a Russian person. Prioritizing families is a desirable quality for all women. The Russian man will fight to please his family. According to their principe, men should be above everything else. That is, all the needs and comfort of the family comes from a husband. Then you do not have to worry that you will be abandoned when married to a Russian man. Read also Reasons to get Russian Girl

5. They Have Russian Soul

The dark history of Russia makes the Russian man feel himself inferior to the American men and other European men. This sense of inferior makes them perfectionists and strives for their lives. Russian men will really appreciate whatever is possessed because of this nature trait. If you have a Russian husband, there is no harm in sometimes trying to make him more flexible about his own life. This trait is one of the pros of having Russian husband.

6. Passion Living Life

It could be that everything in the life of a Russian man always makes him excited. It will bring good effect to your family. So under any circumstances, your Russian husband will make you more passionate about life. Russian men are hard-working men, but they do not forget to have fun. So do not worry you will be abandoned because your Russian husband is very busy with his job. He will always take time for the family. You may read also How to know that Russian man attracted in you.

7. Appreciate Your Dishes

Appreciate the cuisine is easy. But actually not many men are able to always behave like this. Cooking for Russian women is a must and Russian men know this culture. That’s why, every dish made and served for them, they will always appreciate and eat it. This kind of character will not be encountered in American men or other European Men.

8. Never Complain And Whine

Russian men are used to struggling. A little difficulty in their life will not make a Russian man complain. For example, when sick, russian men prefer silence and rest without complaining. This trait has always been emphasized to russian men since childhood. That he should not complain and cry. But that does not mean you are free to not notice the feelings of your Russian husband. Precisely because of this nature, you should be more sensitive to your husband’s feelings.

9. Not Easy To Panic

Stuck in traffic, hit tickets, and other similar things do not make a russian man panicked. All problems there must be a solution, it is the principle of russian man. This nature is inversely proportional to their idealist and perfectionist, but this relaxed nature of the balancing. So have a russian husband, you will feel life becomes easier.

10. Can Do Everything

This is the one of pros of having Russian husband. Russian man educated to can do everything. If the house lights are broken, he will fix them. Russian husband can also do other things such as justify the table and so forth. The russian life is full of competition, making russian people educate their families to care for goods that are owned properly. Thus, with russian men, you can immediately invest a lot for the future because of frugality. Read also How to get Russian man in a week.

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