6 Best Cheap clothes store in Russia

izmailovo marketCheap clothes are not something you can really associate Russia with cheap clothes, it is in their nature to have expensive and timeless items. Russian people are not a fan of thrifty things, so cheaps clothes store is very few. You need to search high and low for finding any thrift store in the city center of among best of a public street that serves souvenirs, cafe, store, you will not find them there.

Cheap clothes store will likely be in under a basement of a store or a loaf of a house. Most likely to prevent high rent or it just maybe it is more comfortable to shop carefully in a place that not visible into public eyes. even if you ask the locals, there is no guarantee they can show you to the right directions.

Who is the consumer that these cheap clothes store targeted? Firstly, the artist with an eclectic lifestyle. They will always be looking for a unique addition to their classic outfit. Secondly, the student is the best thrifty shopper, they will always find a way to stretch a rubel. Finally, a traveler from other country is always in search of antique, the older the style the better. You can find these people and try your luck in finding these rare stores.

Cheap clothes stores

Cheap is varied for people, one item will be considered cheap for some but not for the rest. But overall besides International designer or outlet situated in super malls of Russian big cities. Affordable items are likely from Russian young designer or inexpensive chain store, that you can look into if you want to experience clothes shopping in Russia.

1. Lilies

This Russian chain retailer stores with offers inexpensive versions of haute couture trends. The clothes and accessories are varied include jackets, overcoats, dresses, blazers, skirts, pants, purses, hats, and gloves. Moreover, several Russian designers collaborate with the store on lines such as knitwear and jewelry. The clothes are more lining to classical timeless and aim to be feminine and elegant. There are two stores situated near the Kurskaya metro in the Atrium and in the downtown Evropeisky Center, Moscow. This store present mini collection for every changing of a season. So your choices here is abundance.

2. The Arbat street

The Arbat streetsituated in the city of Moscow. This pedestrian street of about 1 kilometer in length and offers clothes from Russian outlet along with other items such as souvenirs, snack, and food. The street is quite famous for tourist, you really need to do clever shopping here. You know when you hit the street you need to bargain to get the price down a bit. The market is easy to reach with a walking distance to other famous places in Moscow. You can window shop here all day just pleasing your eyes with various trinkets. It is a street worth to check out for any affordable items in the display.

3. Izmailovo Market

Located near the Partizanskaya metro station, this flea & antique market is a must-see famous place in Moscow. The clothes store is cheap, which serves old antique stuff such as Russian hat, scarf, and traditional Russian clothes. The market is not small so go deeper and take time before you decided where to buy. This place needs your bargaining skills to get a really best price. If you are feeling up for it, compare prices and as the lowest one. Small stores are everywhere and stand really close to one another. The most popular item here is traditional clothes and Russian hats. So, there is a good chance you get a really good deal there. There are many restaurants here. The highly spoken snack here is the Beef BBQ, so try this signature dish of the market, and prove if it is really as good as people say.

4. Charity Shop

This second-hand shop is taking cheap to the next level. It has four stores in Moscow situated on Chistye Prudy station, on Dinam,  on Mayakovskaya and Ulitsa Novokuznetskaya. The uniqueness of the store lies in their payment system, costumers cans et their own price. This rather new concept of buying used clothes still has not fully embraced by costumers, although slowly the stores show the progress of interest. The number of store in Moscow itself shows the high demand for cheap clothes. Items can be found here are Russian clothes, scarfs, hats, glocers and they have just about everything from all season. If you are interested in treasure hunting, find these store for a chance to find a one of a kind gem.

5. Asian Fashion

Anything with the Made in China is always and this also applied to cheap clothes store in Russia, the cheapest yet is a store filled with items from Asia. The Asian Fashion offers a different kind of clothing with an Asian influence. Shopping here means keeping an open mind for exotic and unique pieces. For those who are bold and eccentric the store has their name written on it. As the price is definitely lower compare other stores. You need to really feel and try the items here because it is imported from SE Asia country, what looks nice might doesn’t feel good in the skins. Be very detail before purchasing to avoid disappointment for any purchase.

6. Apraksin Yard 

Apraksin Yard is a cheap clothes store in Saint Petersburg. The chain or store situated in 14 hectares (35 acres) market and the retail block is continuously under long-term renovation. The buildings of Apraksin Dvor lies between Sadonaya Street and the Fontaka River, it is located southwest of the Alexandrinsky Theater. The name Apraksian Yard deriving from The Count Apraksin the owner of the place. After it was burnt during the 18 century a new department store was built in the same spot. today, Apraksin Dvor has more than 500 shops. APraksin Dvor is street market shops overlooking the street with an open-air market – mostly clothing and accessories.

There you have it, 6 Best cheap clothes store in Russia. Some give the best price right at the front almost didn’t cost a thing. There is a new wave of second had shop flourish in big cities in Russia. Moreover, you can’t really be cheap, if you don’t know how to do bargains. Some of the cheapest items through several bargains attempts. Where ever you are planning to go for clothing shopping, stay save and watches your belonging and have fun shopping.

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