11 Friendly Budget Hotels in Moscow for tourist

bulgakov mini hotelMoscow serves many outstanding famous places, from St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin to the famous Red Square. It is a great place for classical lovers, nature fans, historical enthusiast and Muslim friendly. When you visit Moscow, have a taste of the local way of life of Russia’s most popular spirit, vodka, and traditional foods such as borscht and blini. Moreover, you dine like a tsar and can sleep like one, too.

Some of the best places to stay in Moscow feature elegant furnishings from the imperialist era of the 19th century. However, it also has the most comfortable budget hotel for those travelers in a budget. Moscow has so much to offer traveler with various budget and interest. We gather some of the most recommended budget hotels in Moscow.

Friendly budget hotels in Moscow

There are many types of place to stay to meet all traveler needs and desire. Moscow offers chick and nice hostels, affordable apartment, budget hotels or even mini hotel for a little piece of heaven. All have their plus and minus depends on guest preferences. However, it is always nice to know your options to stay in a cozy affordable place.

  1. Bulgakov Mini-hotel

This classy with high ceiling hideaway is private yet inviting. It is located on the busy street of Arbat Street, just a 2-minute walk from Smolenskaya Metro station in Moscow. The rooms have a private bathroom and offer a shared kitchen. Guests can enjoy free wifi, coffee, and tea. It is a gathering hub for a traveler with a little touch of privacy.

  1. People Business Novitsky

This affordable place of stay in Moscow offers great light and modern rooms. This budget hotels apartment option occupies three wings in a neoclassical site on the Garden Ring. The rooms are small with only the essentials. Service is very friendly and informative. It is quite close the numerous Moscow famous attractions, local park, and embankment. It is an easy going hub for cozy and affordable.

  1. Seven hills Lubyanka

It feels a cozy atmosphere when you enter through the courtyard, off a side street in the heart of Kitay Gorod. The surrounding buildings are crowded, but the interior of this mini-hotel is clean and fresh. it covers 17 simple rooms on the first two floors, very clean and homey. It provides comfortable nothing fancy place to stay However, you feel right at home with Ikea-style furnishings, high ceilings and plenty of natural light. It provides an affordable price where you feel at home away from home.

  1. Godzilla Hostel

If you are young and traveling in a budget. This hostel offers simple and cozy with dozens bed over four floors. However, the rooms are all spacious and get enough sunlight. You can hang out with other guests in the kitchen and living rooms. The hostel provides free wifi, bathroom on each floor, and basic toiletries.

  1. Loft 77

This stylish dorm room is fully equipped with lockers, individual lights, and privacy curtains. The exposed brick walls and leather furniture create a shabby-chic atmosphere. The loft doesn’t have any kitchen, but there are many cafe and restaurant nearby that provide low budget meals in Moscow. The loft is very strategic in the center of Moscow. It is on walking distance to Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya and Ckekhovskay, metro stations.

  1. Qube Capsule Hotel

If you are not fancy for a budget hotels, how about a capsule hotel for a night in the city. It features AC, free wifi, luggage storage, and toiletries. The hotel also offers a shared lounge, a great way to stretch out. The location is strategic near Zaryadye Park, 5 km from The Kremlin and other famous places in Moscow.

  1. Jedi Hostel

This place serves good vibes, with its wacky and wonderful mural-painted walls. This place is suitable for people who don’t mind a little less privacy. The dorm bed actually are little ‘pods’ with shades for some privacy. Guest can enjoy the free wifi, kitchen, slippers and laundry facilities. Jedi Hostel is in the center of Moscow. It is close in a walking distance to Arbat Street, where cafe, market and Moscow street lifestyle is high.

  1. Versal Na Brestskoy

Among the well-known budget hotels, this place stands out. A very affordable apartment hotel in the street of Brestskaya Street. It is an excellent choice for a family or group traveler. Guest can have a room with four bed. It has all the essential in a strategic Moscow tourist area. You can pretty much everywhere, metros, markets, landmarks, and cafes. It even has a small elevator to transports guests.

  1. High-Level Hostels

This hostel claims to be the world’s first and only skyscraper hostel. It offers an incredible panoramic city view from the common area. The rooms and furniture are sturdy wooden bunks, desks, and lockers. The service includes breakfast and laundry. You hit the best deal here with affordable price and great Moscow atmosphere.

  1. The Orekhovo Hotel

This hotel in the southern part of Moscow is a spacious modern apartment hotel with low-cost self-catering accommodation. it has a reasonably close to historical center and to Domodedovo International Airport.
The Orekhovo Hotel has many rooms with apartments in a very low-cost block room with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. However, it is about 15 Km of the Kremlin and Red Square. Fortunately, It is only five minutes’ walk from Orekhovo Metro Station, so it is possible to reach the city in a little over 30 minutes.

  1. Apartment Hotel Raduga

The rainbow colorful place offers a clean room with a fridge in the room. The compact shared bathroom in the hall is convenient. You can request for hairdryer and iron if needed. Overall it serves a simple clean cut place to stay with a burst of color. The nearby tourist attractions include Cathedrals, gardens, museum, and walking distance to the metro.

Overall, There are many types of accommodations where you can stay during your visit to Russia. You can stay in mini hotels, tourist hostels or apartments. It always important to considers, locations, cancelation fee, and review from other travelers before making your choice. The right place to stay can set a great mood for the rest of your stay.

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