7 Best Nightlife in Kazan That Go Well With Your Budget

If you traveling in a budget, Russia can be a nice choice to visit with a certain preparation of course. commonly, people will think budget travel is not possible in this country, but several facts actually send positive signals. Firstly with 4 seasons applied, the low season happens during autumn when school start and summer is over, flights tend to be cheaper, and so does hotel price and other accommodations. Secondly. most famous places in Russia are landmarks, architectural and parks which can be enjoyed freely. Thirdly, discounts prizes and free stuff can be found during Festivals and finally numerous street entertainment such as dancing and music is another way to stretch your pocket. If not, those actually give a more vivid picture of a common life of Russian people. Traveling in a cheap way is definitely doable to visit Russia.

Some cities are cheaper than others. Moscow and Saint Petersburg is more expensive compared to other districts such as Kazan. This city located not far from Moscow is the heart of Tartar CUlture. The fact is Kazan, the “Third Capital of Russia” is rich with culture, history, modern and exceed in various area of governmental development.  The city acted as the Republic of Tatarstan, offers various places to visit and activity day and night. The energetic urban center is a hub of modern hospitality supported by classical Russian and friendly tartar. The daytime is attractive and pleased the eyes. Nightlife in Kazan in relaxing and comforting.

Best Nightlife in Kazan

For travelers visiting Kazan and would like to experience the best of Kazan, can imitate how the locals spend their daily activities days and night. The typical magnificent architectural, landmarks and parks are as beautiful as other cities in Russia. The Tartar influence makes the city more unique and multicultural. Attractive and lively places are open during the day but Kazan nightlife is just as attractive. You can see the night version of some places to see in Kazan is even stand out in the dark night. Especially if you are traveling on a budget these places are worth to visit. Here are 7 best nightlife in Kazan that goes well in your budget.

1. Millennium Bridge

When tourists visit Kazan, the must seen places is The Millenium Bridge, it looks colorful and amazing at night. The cable-stayed bridge spans the Kazanka River The bridge divided into three lanes for vehicles and a pedestrian walkway in both directions. The bridge is 835 meters long, if you are up for a long walk, the view from this bridge at night is breathtaking.

The iconic bridge that connects the Russian classical area and the tartar village. At night, numerous lights with various color are lit and brighten the city. Is glittering light shimmer as a beacon decorate the dark sky. Visitors and the vast landscape near the river embankment and watch the Kazan people roam the night under the city light and twinkling sky.

2. Kremlin Embarkment

This wide open area by the river is a perfect place for bicycle rides, roller skating and slow walks during a lazy night accompany with fresh chak-chak. The embankment gives an amazing view of the Kazan Kremlin, Agricultural Palace, and the Marriage Center which are lit with subtle bright color at night.

3. Gorky Park

The biggest park of Kazan is Gorky Park. At daytime, it is a perfect place to stroll in the park and at night it is vibrant with dancing waterfall and lights. You can sit on the bench and take a sip of your hot coffee overlooking the dancing fountain light located at the center of the park. The park fits for all weather and seasons. There are bike lanes for daytime activities, ski track for winter time and furthermore a long swirl of musical dancing fountains supported by colorful light and sound.

If you are traveling on a budget, visiting public places like parks is an affordable activity and the best nightlife to experience Kazan hospitality. Locals love their parks and hang out in public parks as a place to meet up and enjoy the view.

4. China Town Cafe

As the night getting late, people who wish to continue enjoying the nightlife in Kazan can visit some places that open until morning. China Town Cafe is quite new but already gain some popularity. The cafe has a relaxing atmosphere that serves as a restaurant and bar. Locals and tourist will come here and hang out with their friends and have very long conversations.
During the weekend, the cafe provides concerts and parties based on certain themes. It’s a place where you can see the younger generation of Russia – the artist, musicians and so on.

5. Smena Art Center

The art center is a must visit place for those who love classic Russian culture. The concert, educational lecture, exhibition and movie night are exhibited here until late at night. The place a more formal approach suitable for those who love a good art.

6. Baumann Street

Nightlife in Kazan is elegant in some part and lively in another Baumann street offers both. The long and wide street is filled with cafes, restaurants, shops in each side. On the street, you can find street musicians play various music from tartar folksong to youthful jazz. The nightlife in Kazan is well represented among these paved streets. You can find Kazan souvenirs here, try the local dishes and take pictures of sculpture around the street. Some unique statues are a cat, and the newest is a boy and duck, establishen to welcome the World Cup 2018 in Kazan.

7. Nightlife in Kazan for family

For visitors traveling with family and kids. Kazan offers family-friendly places held in grand and magnificent place.  Even if you are traveling on a budget, Kazan serves affordable attractions.
  • Night walk at embarkment, amazing view on the Kazan Kremlin, Agricultural Palace, and marriage center, they are all light with various color at night. surrounding stall provides hookah, music food, and iconic chak-chak snack.
  • Kazan Circus, a dome-shaped building with a round design entertain young and old with Tartar circus which exhibits animals, acrobats, dancing in a lively experience.
  • Ekiyat Tartar Puppet Theater, Magical architectural takes children on adventurous shows of puppet exhibits, theatre, and movie. A great place for everyone even for an adult. The building itself looks amazing from outside.

So that’s all, the best nightlife in Kazan that is budget friendly. With all of its wonders and perks, choosing this city for your next trip will be an option worth to considers. You can go around the city to explore some interesting nightlife fact to add your bucket list, you may even discover more than the listed above. Enjoy Kazan and the most important thing is always be safe traveling especially at night. Going out at night during your travel is a typical thing to do. Choose your destination well and pay attention to the timeline, and always be careful when you are exploring the city.

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