7 Top Low Budget Meals in St.Petersburg, Russia

Are you travelling to Saint Petersburg? Do you have no idea about where to go to eat on budget? Well, the city has many places you can try.

Although St. Petersburg is one of capitals in Russia, the place has restaurants that offer cheap dishes. In addition to having cheap dishes, you can taste delicious food offers in one of those.

If you are on vacation and you are short on budget, you should go to one of these 7 top low budget meals in St.Petersburg, Russia.

1. Teremok

You may know this place as one of the best cafes for youngsters in Russia. They focuses on making crepes. There are many kinds of crepes with varieties of fillings, like sour cream, jam, banana and chocolate, feta cheese + bacon + dill, beef and potatoes and many more.

Although the place is famous for its crepes, you can also order Russian salad, pelmeni and more. Moreover all of them are for cheap price which starts from $1 to $5. There are also traditional Russian meals, like buckwheat with sausage/chicken/egg, Russian porridge, Russian pancakes and more. As the place is fast food chain, it won’t be hard to find them. They are available in outlets on Bolshaya Morskaya Street, Nevsky prospect 60 or in the major shopping malls like Galeria and Sennoy.

2. Na Zdorovye!

The place can be described as little restaurant with traditional Russian setting. There, you can feel and study a little bit of Russian culture. The building, which is decorated like a small farm house, has authentic interior. Moreover, their menus are authentic as well.

You may experience trying fresh, inexpensive, and delicious foods there. It’s like enjoying Grandma’s cooking. They offer a huge selection of vodkato that goes well with your meals.

If you don’t drink alcohol, there are also non-alcoholic drinks, like mors and kvas. You should consider yourself lucky when you hear live traditional Russian music during dinner.

3. Green Room

Green room is inside one of hip places in Saint Petersburg. At that place you can enjoy exhibits, art sales and workshops. There are also a bookstore and a hostel. The cafe has warm and welcoming atmosphere. They use plastic chairs and green accents for their interiors.

With cafeteria style, the cafe offers big portions of meals with cheap prices. You can try the blini (Russian pancakes) and enjoy a cheap beer (or a fancy cappuccino) with your meal. You may as well visit comfortable and must-visit coffee shops in Russia.

4. Market Place

Market PlaceYou can feel like being in farmer market just by visiting this place. Using cafeteria-style concept, the cafe offers simple food with affordable price. They have loads of fresh vegetables and live plants. Details in interiors and decors create a nice atmosphere with fun energy. If you have questions in mind, friendly staffers are happy to help.

You should try popular menus for lunch, which are soup, salads and cookie. There are also Asian foods, grilled foods and other Russian dishes. The place is always full of people. So, it is recommended that you bring your friends along to save your set while you are making your choice at the counter.

5. Senoval

The place which offer low budget meals has three places already. They are in Admiralty, Central, not far from St. Isaac’s Square. They are also famous among students. Moreover, being the cheapest place among others, the place offers simple and delicious foods.

They have international, European, Japanese and Italian selections. What’s more entertaining is that they place has free WiFi and they accept credit cards.

You should also visit popular restaurants visited by tourists in St. Petersburg and most cozy places in Russia.

6. Stolovaya No. 1

Another food chain added into the list of low budget canteen. Peterburgers know the place very well. If you are visiting Hermitage Museum, you will find it near to the museum. It is right on the Nevsky Prospect. Moreover, the place is the biggest from all outlets in St. Petersburg. For information, don’t be surprised when you see the place is full. Because it is always full.

Although the place says the concept is like canteen, but it actually looks more like a restaurant. Many people say that the service in the restaurant is fast. Moreover, the place is well decorated as to bring nice atmosphere. All of the foods are placed in a counter. So, you need to point out at the food you want to taste to order. You can have a salad, soup, main dish and a drink for just $4 to $5. In some cases, you can have a dessert, too.

7. ObedBufet

Although the place does not offer cheap price, you can still go there to get cheap food at certain time. Confused, yet? There are times when you can get 30-50% discount. Those are 10 to 12 in the morning and 9 to 11 in the evening. However, there is an exception during the evening hours. You can only get discount for food, not the drinks. So, make sure you visit the place at the right time.

Being the first buffet-style restaurant of Ginza Project, the place offers quite healthy dishes. You can have a soup + main dish + drink for around $9 to $13. Meanwhile, you can have a soup, roast beef, side dish and a beer for just $7 to $8 and sometimes, cheaper.

Those are 7 top low budget meals in St.Petersburg, Russia you must visit.

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