5 Most Famous Historical Places in Russia That Will Amaze You

Every nation has history that leaves some historical places behind. This also includes Russia. As the biggest country in the world, Russia experienced change of power. They also faced the bitterness of World War. That history crafts stories and built some buildings that the people can see today. Those historical buildings can tell some untold stories through its decorations and style.

Make sure to visit 5 most famous historical places in Russia that will amaze you. Whether it amazes you by its feature or the stories behind it. Also read: popular cities in Russia.

1. Red Square

Red SquareRed Square is a public plaza in Moscow and one of famous squares in the world. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage historic site, in addition to being one of famous historical places in Russia. The name comes from the word “krasnaya” which means both “beautiful” and “red.” Although the square’s name is red, the building itself is more of black. The color comes from the materials used to build the place, which is cobblestone.

Although in 17th to 19th century the place was a trade center, people also knew it as religious place. There were a lot of churches surrounding the place. People also held religious ceremonies on the square. Throughout the twentieth century, Red Square was important site of political, military and social significance. Moreover, it became a mute witness of several events during WWII. Those were when troops marched on it to the front lines on 7th November 1941 and took part in victory parade on 24th June 1945. Another event also occurred when a German pilot landed a small aircraft next to it in 1987.

2. The Kremlin

The famous place where one of Hollywood movies took place is an iconic symbol of Russia. Dmitry Donskoy built it as the seat of Russian power. It was until Peter the Great moved the Russian government to St Petersburg. Then, Kremlin once again has become the political center of Russia since 1918.

The Kremlin consists of many incredible sites, one of which is Cathedral of the Assumption. The cathedral also consists of Cathedral Square. Like Red Square, Cathedral Square also was once a center of political and religious importance. It is a house of Ivan the Great Belltower that was once the tallest building in Russia. Built in 1812, the tower is 81 meters tall. The Armoury that becomes a house of exhibits relating to Russian culture is also in The Kremlin.

During the twentieth century, The Kremlin was a home of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. Both were communist leaders who destroyed The Kremlin structures. Also read: famous places in Moscow.

3. Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood

The church has official name which is the Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Built in 1883, the building was actually to commemorate Emperor Alexander III’s father, Alexander II. Alexander II was assassinated on the site. Thus, the Russian Orthodox cathedral named it Spilled Blood. Some of them also called it Spilt Blood.

In 1907, the construction was complete. It was during the reign of Nicholas II. During his reign, the building was a great mixture of colors and design that blended perfectly. Unlike most buildings in St. Petersburg, the building has medieval Russian style, rather than Baroque.

There were some stories behind this buildings. The original story stated that the building was damage after Russian revolution. Then people used it as a storage facility during WWII. Then, it was used as potato storage facility. After 27 years of renovation, the church becomes what people see nowadays.

4. The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a big museum in St. Petersburg. It is a house for millions collection of historic and archaeological artifacts, paintings, sculptures, numismatics and other works. It is also one of famous museums in the world.

The museum consists of six buildings and there are three main buildings. Those are the New Hermitage, the Small Hermitage and the Old Hermitage. They keep Greek and Roman artwork and artifacts. Those include vases, sculptures and gems. There are also antiquities from Siberia and exhibits of Russian culture from the 10th century.

Winter Palace of Peter the Great houses the emperor’s incredible collection of prehistoric art. Most of them are gold pieces from sixth century BC. There are also treasure collection in the museum. There are ancient diamonds, jewels and precious materials. Also read: facts of Winter Palace.

5. Catherine’s Palace

Another historical places that should never be forgotten from Russia is Catherine’s Palace. The name comes from Catherine the Great’s name, Peter the Great’s wife. It experienced two times changing style, from Baroque to Rococo style. It was Empress Anna who made major renovation to the buildings until it becomes what it is now.

However, the palace was partly destroyed by fire in 1820. Then it became museum after Russian Revolution. During WWII, German army took over the palace in 1944 and destroyed it before retreating.

The palace has so many beautiful rooms. Those include the Grand Hall and Amber Room. During German occupation, the amber in the room was dismantled and was brought to German. The amber that people see today is the recreation of Russian artists. You can also check several other stories behind this building and architecture of Catherine Palace.

Those are 5 most famous historical places in Russia that will amaze you.

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