Quiet Winter In Kazan, What Things To Do

Kazan is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Russia. The city with 1.243.500 people of the population is the 6th populous city in Russia. What makes this city has a beautiful view is it’s being located at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka rivers. You are going to have a fun experience […]

Suzdal; It’s Not About a Part of Golden Ring, Heart and Soul Are Consisting of It

There are many places we can visit when we are traveling on vacation. If you like to go to a place where you can taste many kinds of foods, you can go to Tokyo in Japan. The range of foods is varied from casual dining type of food to the most expensive ones. Another part […]

5 Most Famous Historical Places in Russia That Will Amaze You

Every nation has history that leaves some historical places behind. This also includes Russia. As the biggest country in the world, Russia experienced change of power. They also faced the bitterness of World War. That history crafts stories and built some buildings that the people can see today. Those historical buildings can tell some untold […]

5 Famous Place in Moscow, Where Are They in Russia?

Why Moscow? Moscow, the capital and the most populated city in across Russia making it hard to go unnoticed by travelers. It cultured cosmopolitan capital with fascinating buildings. It is a lifetime experience to immerse yourself in history to world-class music and art. Or choose to feast in fabulous delicacies, and to join the nightlife […]