How to Make Russian Kefir a Natural Skin Care?

Kefir is a common drink in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Germany, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Israel, the USA and Australia. Basically, the countries where dairy products are common and daily abundant. It is a sour-milk drink obtained from whole or skimmed cow’s milk that is fermented using kefir grain – […]

Way to Heal Yourself at Home with Russian Remedies

When your body starts to feel uncomfortable, you sometimes assume that it is a symptom that you are sick. If so, you will look for remedies so that your symptoms don’t get worse. There are some people who choose to consume chemical-based remedies, and there are also some people who prefer to take traditional remedies. […]

7 Differences Between Russian Banya and Sauna

Like its neighbors on Scandinavia, Russia also has its own sauna tradition. Well, during extremely cold months, warming yourself at with a steam bath does sound like a good idea. Knowing how harsh winter in Russia is, no wonder steam bath is one of their popular pastimes. Steam bath in Russia is called banya. It’s […]

Do You Want to Feel A Russian Bath in London? Here are Some Recommendations

In most parts of the world, taking a bath has always been a communal act. In ancient Asia, the practice of communal bathing was a religious ritual in which people believed to have medical benefits such as the purification of the body and soul. In ancient Greece, the practice of communal bathing was associated with […]

5 Most Recommended Beauty Salons in St. Petersburg, Russia

Being the second largest city in Russia after Moscow, St. Petersburg is considered as the nation’s cultural capital. It has a lot of well-preserved historical buildings and is one of the must-visit cities in Russia. But how about the hair trend there? Are the people there as excited about hairstyle as the Muscovites? Do the […]

Ladies Only! Here Are 5 Best Beauty Salons in Moscow, Russia

Do you have a plan to visit Moscow any of these days? Perhaps just for a short vacation or maybe for a rather formal event like a wedding invitation? Whether a casual or official visit, you might feel like giving yourself a treat by getting a makeover or a new hairdo. So check out these […]

Worth to Try! 6 Tips of Irina Shayk’s Diet Routine

Irina Shayk is a Russian model who had appointed the face and body of some lingerie brand called Intimissimi. If you check her Instagram, you will find a lot of sexy pictures of her modeling some pieces from the brand. What got people baffled was her picture after she delivered a baby. For someone who was […]

Do You Want to Look Beautiful As Irina Shayk? Let’s Check Her Beauty Secrets

Who does not know Irina Shayk, a famous Russian bombshell? It is not at all surprising Bradley Cooper is smitten really. She was first appeared in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and immediately took the fast rise to model’s highest ranks. Not only is she merely known for her perfect curves and dating history, Irina Shayk, who has […]

6 Brilliant Beauty Tips of Applying Vodka to Your Face

No, you don’t misread the title. Vodka, the popular alcohol beverage can help you achieve the dream of having perfect skin. But no, it doesn’t mean to achieve it by drunken in vodka. Applying vodka to your face is something uncommon but it really has surprising benefits. The very first vodka was made in Russia, […]

6 Secret Benefits of Russian Vodka for Hair Care

One of the most popular alcohol beverages that’s originated from Russia is vodka. This beverage has been part of social life especially in Europe, Russia, and U.S. Vodka is favored because of its neutral taste and can be mixed with fruit juices like orange and tomato. Traditionally, it’s fermented from potatoes, but currently, it can […]