Ladies Only! Here Are 5 Best Beauty Salons in Moscow, Russia

Do you have a plan to visit Moscow any of these days? Perhaps just for a short vacation or maybe for a rather formal event like a wedding invitation? Whether a casual or official visit, you might feel like giving yourself a treat by getting a makeover or a new hairdo. So check out these 5 best beauty salons in Moscow that you can give a try:

1. AltoSenso

This beauty salon has been approved by Russian beauty enthusiasts as the best one in Moscow. It has two spots; one in Ulitsa Osthozenka and the other on Tverskoy Boulevard. AltoSenso is derived from Latin words which mean high feeling and that is exactly what the salon promises to its clients. AltoSenso wants them who leave the salon to feel “high” in beauty, grace, and self-confidence.

Along with the quality comes the price. This may not be a beauty salon for everyone because of the high price of the services. But, everyone who visits the salon won’t be disappointed because AltoSenso has such a high standard for its stylists that they could be compared to the masters of European chocolate. They have been trained to Latin style the women so they could feel the beauty balanced inside and out. The salon offers several services like hairdressing, cosmetology, manicure and pedicure, also makeup.

The clients love this beauty salon because of the quality, the flexibility of the schedule – which is very important for busy women, and the professionalism of the stylists that could finish more than one service at once perfectly and, therefore, save a lot of the clients’ time.

2. ASAP Beauty Salon

Located in Astrakhanskiy Pereulok, ASAP is also one of the high-end beauty salons in Moscow. Out of 5 stars, it gets 4,9 points. The services it offers are eyebrows and eyelashes fix, hairdressing, and manicure and pedicure. Their eyebrows service is said to be the best in Moscow, so you should take this as a note if you need a fix. Another perks from ASAP are its client-based schedule and multitasking. The staff would remind clients about their appointments while offering services related to the one they are scheduled for. The standard also says that manicure and pedicure will be done altogether with hair coloring for less time consumption. All services are done effectively yet with flawless results.

ASAP is special because it declares itself as a modern and bold salon with new and surprising projects that will always attract new clients to come and try the services. So, if you need extraordinary and daring haircuts or feel like having rainbow in your hair, you can go ahead and visit ASAP.

3. Sono Beauty and Health Center

The beauty salon is actually a part of the big beauty center. You can find all kinds of beauty services here starting from facial to tattoo removal. Located in Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya, the salon opens from 10AM to 10PM with its peak around 4PM. In Sono you can get treatments like facial, manicure and pedicure, hairdressing, makeup, cosmetology, massage, peels, and depilation. Very complete, right? Just like a one-stop beauty center. This is why all of the clients give Sono five out of five stars for perfect services, satisfying results, great atmosphere, and professional and competent staffs. You will be handled not only by beauticians but also dermatologists, cosmetologists, and dermato-oncologists. The building is situated near the Smolenskaya metro station right in the center of Moscow. Another plus point for the ideal location.

4. Expat Salon

This one is unique and different from the other three above because – like what the name says – this beauty salon helps expats who live in Moscow to feel like home. The building is not intimidating like AltoSenso, yet very warm and charming. The staffs speak in English, so this is a big advantage if you are a foreigner that happens to be in Moscow and needs a quick beauty treatment. You can book an appointment from their website and what’s convenient is that you can check the price to all the offered services so you can be prepared and find ones that suit your budget.

At Expat Salon you can get haircut, hairstyling, coloring, conditioning treatment, hair rebonding, smoothing, manicure, pedicure, face mask, waxing, eyebrow shaping, facial, hair removal, and body treatment. The location is easy to reach since it’s near Mayakovskaya and Tverskaya metro stations. Expat also promises a nice and friendly atmosphere where you don’t need to feel awkward even if it’s your first time there. Enjoy the complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi and the English magazines.

5. Mone

Founded on September 16, 1998 by Alexander Glushkov in Moscow, Mone was inspired by the French painter Claude Monet. Glushkov wanted his salon to present the best stylists who could handle the beauty and style like Monet did with his paintings. Since then, Mone has grown to be more than just a salon but also a company. It has become a franchised beauty salon and the branches are spread all over Moscow – so this is the easiest salon you can find while you’re in town. It is specialized in hair services like cutting, styling, coloring, rebonding, and such. Monet is also the official stylist for the Russian Fashion Week. So, speaking of quality, there is no doubt about it.

Clients love Mone because it is easy to be found, not too expensive, professional, and efficient with time. If you are in a mall and only need a quick haircut in between shopping sprees, then Mone is where you have to go to get the cut.

Have you gotten the image of where you might be getting your treatments next time you visit Moscow? Hopefully the list of 5 best beauty salons in Moscow above could give you a hint and be of a little help to you ladies.

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