Things to Do at Golosov Ravine in this Winter Season

Golosov Ravine is a significant crevasse in Moscow, Russia, between the Kolomenskoe Hill and Dyakovo Hill. The chasm has a couple of springs and a rivulet spouting at its base. Up in the chasm, to its left side half, there is a Neopagan sanctum, created around two loved “consecrated stones”. An etymological case has been […]

3 Famous Moscow Districts You Should Visit Once in A Lifetime

The beautiful capital of Russia, spread out along the fancifully curving Moscow River and the no less wobbling Yauza River, is a rather big city. In order to somehow take it under control and simplify the management, administrative divisions are made throughout the city – with each division divided again into districts. In total, there […]

Travelling Tips! 5 Ways to Get Around Moscow Easily

Let’s travel and vacation! Do you plan on vacation? What will you do with your vacation time? Maybe I can give you advice on the destination of the country to spend your vacation time. You can travel to Russia, especially to Moscow. For those of you who have never visited Moscow, you can put this […]

Ladies Only! Here Are 5 Best Beauty Salons in Moscow, Russia

Do you have a plan to visit Moscow any of these days? Perhaps just for a short vacation or maybe for a rather formal event like a wedding invitation? Whether a casual or official visit, you might feel like giving yourself a treat by getting a makeover or a new hairdo. So check out these […]