Way to Heal Yourself at Home with Russian Remedies

When your body starts to feel uncomfortable, you sometimes assume that it is a symptom that you are sick. If so, you will look for remedies so that your symptoms don’t get worse. There are some people who choose to consume chemical-based remedies, and there are also some people who prefer to take traditional remedies. The choice of methods for healing depends on the severity of the disease that is on yourself.

There are many types of kitchen ingredients or plants that can be used as remedies. And there are also remedies that you can easily make at home. Even in Russia, you can also find Russian remedies that you can use to heal yourself.

To add to your information about Russian remedies, let’s look at ways to heal yourself at home with Russian remedies.

There are many ways that are used by people to heal themselves from disease. Whether using traditional ways, modern ways or other ways. Although it has now entered the modern era, in fact there are still many people who still use traditional ways to cure their diseases.

In each country in the world, there are many traditional ways used to treat a disease. One way is to use herbs or other ingredients that could be a remedy for a disease. How to process herbs and ingredients so that they become remedies also vary.

In Russia itself also uses herbs and ingredients that can be used as remedies to cure themselves from diseases. You can even make your own remedies at home in an easy way. Of course, by using herbs and ingredients that you can easily find around your home.

Maybe there are still some of you who are still wondering about Russian remedies. Therefore, to add information to you about Russian remedies, this article will discuss ways to heal yourself at home with Russian remedies.

  • Remedy for Colds by Using Raspberry

Russia is famous for its raspberry jam. Who would have thought if the sweetness of raspberry jam could also be used as a remedy for cold. If you have a cold, you can add the raspberry jam to tea or warm water. It is a kind of Russian remedy that you can make by yourself at home, and raspberry jam can also be found easily around your home. After consuming this remedy, you are advised to rest on your bed so that your condition improves quickly.

  • Remedy for Colds by Using Garlic

In Russia, there is a remedy that is not normally used to cure colds. The traditional ingredient used for the remedy is garlic. As we know, garlic does have properties to cure diseases. People in Russia use garlic as a remedy by hanging garlic cloves on people who are sick or making nose drops from garlic juice and water. But nose drops from garlic juice should not be used more than twice a day or it will make your nose mucous membrane inflamed.

  • Remedy for Colds by Using Honey

Besides using raspberry jam, there are other ways to cure colds through natural ingredients. Natural ingredients and easy to find around you is honey (It’s really an easy-to-find ingredient, right?). How to use honey as a cold remedy is to add honey to the tea or warm water. This is the same way as using a raspberry jam remedy. But there are also those who directly consume pure honey without mixing it with any ingredients.

  • Remedy for Coughing by Using Honey and Ginger Tea

Other natural ingredients that can be used as Russian remedies to cure diseases are honey and ginger. You can make both of these ingredients to become like tea. You only need to grate the ginger then brew it with hot water and you can add honey when the ginger is cold. This honey is used to minimize the bitter taste of grated ginger. You can use these two ingredients to cure coughs or infections in your respiratory tract.

  • Remedy for Poor Circulation by Using Seed Tea

Some regions in Russia experience extreme winters. This long and very cold winter can certainly make circulation worse. There are Russian remedies that you can use to heal your body from poor circulation. You can use tea seeds (sunflower seeds) as a way to cure poor circulation in your body. This seed tea can be made by mixing boiling water on a handful of seeds and have a cup of tea seed in every morning when your stomach is empty (the tea has been left to cool for several hours).

  • Remedy for Hair Loss by Using Carrots

Hair loss is often a problem faced by the people. In Russia, there are natural ingredients that can be used to overcome the problem of hair loss that you experience. The natural ingredients that you can use are 3 to 4 grated carrots. You only need to rub grated carrots into the roots of your hair and rinse them with water after 15 to 25 minutes. You should regularly do this to maximize the reduction in the loss of your hair.

  • Remedy for Sore Throat by Using Bits

If you have a sore throat (either due to tonsillitis or your throat is irritated), you can use Russian remedy made from beet and apple cider vinegar to cure it. All you need to do is grate raw beets and then add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. You need to let the mixture of beet and apple cider vinegar for about 20 minutes, then squeeze the juice and drink it. Russian remedies with these simple ingredients can be made at home in a short time.

And maybe there are still some of ways to heal yourself at home with Russian remedies that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all about the ways to heal yourself at home with Russian remedies.

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