6 Brilliant Beauty Tips of Applying Vodka to Your Face

No, you don’t misread the title. Vodka, the popular alcohol beverage can help you achieve the dream of having perfect skin. But no, it doesn’t mean to achieve it by drunken in vodka. Applying vodka to your face is something uncommon but it really has surprising benefits.

The very first vodka was made in Russia, in the 14th century. It was named after “voda”, Russian language for water. It is a national drink for Russians, traditionally made to accompany meals especially dinner. Family and friends gathering is not complete yet without drinking vodka for Russians. Russians that are easily intoxicated from drinking vodka are considered weak. Now, not just in Russia, you can easily find this beverage in stores, restaurants, and parties, but originally it was just popular in Russia and East Europe before World War II.

Vodka is widely known for its neutral taste, no wonder it’s widely used for many cocktails such as Bloody Mary and Screwdriver. This particular taste of vodka is gained from the distillation process. Vodka is commonly made from grains, but it can also be made from fruits or potatoes. Vodka was believed to cure many diseases such as toothache and headache. Turns out, in the modern days, we found that vodka has astringent and antimicrobial properties. Then why don’t we try to apply this fascinating drink to our face? Let’s find these 6 brilliant beauty tips of applying vodka to your face

1. Cleanser

Alcohol in vodka can help you get rid of excess oil and dirt from your face easily. It’s really important to get rid of them, excessive oil and dirt that pile up will clog your pores and cause acne. This is a common problem for people with oily skin type. If you have this skin type and can’t find the best skin care product for your face yet, then you may try vodka. Put some amount of vodka into a cotton ball or small sponge then apply it to your face as a cleanser. After taking care of your skin, then make sure your dog’s fur and skin clean too. These are tips to make your dogs love to bathe.

2. Exfoliator

Besides cleansing regularly, your face needs to be exfoliated to help it get rid of dead skin cells and brighten your complexion. Vodka also contains citric acid, an AHA, an exfoliator agent that’s widely used in skin care. Prepare a small jar and mix ½ cup of fine salt, ½ of a lemon, and 2 tablespoons of vodka. Use it as a scrub and rinse it with cold water. Exfoliation itself is divided into chemical and physical, this scrub mixture is physical exfoliation. The physical one is not recommended to use regularly since it’s “rough” to your face. You may use this once a week or twice a month. If you have a mother dog that covered in dirt and dry blood after giving birth, these are steps to clean your mother dog safely.

3. Toner

Everyone wants a perfect face skin, tightened pores without impurities. Even some people still question adding toner in their skincare routine, toner really can help you achieve that. And the surprising fact is, vodka is really good to help your face tighten the pores. Add a tablespoon of vodka into a cup of distilled water then mix it with some drops of rose or jojoba oil, or any essential oil you like. Put the mixture into a cotton ball then apply it to your face as toner or you can put the mixture into a bottle spray then apply it as a facial mist. Don’t forget to take care of your cat’s beauty too, here are tips to make your cat’s fur smooth and shiny.

4. Mask

Sometimes you need to relax and avoid all the stress. Calm and peaceful mind play a great role in maintaining your health, including your skin. After all the pollution and sun radiation that your face get from all of your activities, help your skin relax with a mask. Add a teaspoon of vodka to a brew of green tea cooled down. You can apply the mixture with a cotton ball or soak your blank sheet mask in it then wear the mask on your face for 30 minutes. Vodka can boost green tea benefits and soothe the irritations. Home remedies like green tea are the safest option for skin care, it also applies to your cats. Here are tips to make your cat’s fur grow thicker without side effects.

5. Anti-Aging

The most popular regimen in beauty products are anti-aging. It’s no secret that everybody wants to look young and healthy even getting older is unavoidable. You might want to try vodka to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Mix a tablespoon of vodka, a tablespoon of honey and some fennel seeds. Apply this mixture on your face for 20 minutes then wash it off.

6. Anti-Acne

Please don’t panic if your face has breakout and acne popped everywhere. Acnes are clogged pores that are infected with microbes. Those rednesses and pain come from irritation and inflammation. Vodka with its antimicrobial properties can be your best solution for your acne. Put some vodka into a cotton ball then compress your acne with it. You’ll see your acne getting smaller after vodka kills the microbes and soothe the irritation. If you have a cat, then pay attention to these signs of inflammation in your cat’s paws to avoid the worse.

Rather than being completely wasted getting drunk, save some of your vodka for your face. It’ll help you get the perfect look you want without spending so much money on expensive beauty products. But please remember that every skin is different. If you spot any redness, pimples, or allergic reactions after applying vodka to your face then stop. It may happen to people who have dry or sensitive skin types, but it will give the best result for people with oily skin type.

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