5 Most Recommended Beauty Salons in St. Petersburg, Russia

Being the second largest city in Russia after Moscow, St. Petersburg is considered as the nation’s cultural capital. It has a lot of well-preserved historical buildings and is one of the must-visit cities in Russia. But how about the hair trend there? Are the people there as excited about hairstyle as the Muscovites? Do the women love to be out on the street looking stylish? The answer is: yes. People from out of town even have their favorite salons in St. Petersburg because some are straight unique and can’t be found anywhere else. The city might be classic, but the trend goes with the flow. Here are 5 most recommended beauty salons in St. Petersburg, Russia that can you can use as a guide when you later travel there:

1. Hair Fcker

Hold on, before you get offended by the name of the salon, you have to know that it is actually the best and most favorited salon in St. Petersburg. It gets a lot of good reviews and has become more than just a beauty salon but also a friendly hang out space where people get to know each other and meet every now and then. Judging from the name, you can tell that it offers bold and hipster styling.

Located on Kazanskaya Ulitsa, Hair Fcker’s ultimate feature is the client-oriented service. Each and every one of them will be treated specifically with haircut or hairstyle that would speak for their personalities. So you can get as far as your imagination can take you and the stylists at the Hair Fcker will make it true for you. Clients also say the head massage is amazing here, so you might want to give it a try to unwind yourself on the weekend. Other than hair and nail, the salon also offers a one-of-a-kind service that everyone loves: photoshoot! The clients can get their hair done then professionally photographed. Hair Fcker also publishes hair look books people can use as a guide. The salon opens from 12PM to 9PM with the peak around 3PM.

2. Edward Rublevskiy Salon

Located on Sovetskaya Ulitsa, this beauty salon has a long list of achievements including anti-aging haircut innovations. That is pretty something, don’t you think? It shows that this beauty salon opens its door to women from all ages to get all kinds of haircut and styling they need. The services it offers are haircut, coloring, care and protect, intensive care for damaged hair, manicure and pedicure, makeover, also cuts for men. You can find the complete price list on the salon’s website before making an appointment. You can do consultation over the phone, too. Edward Rublevskiy salon promises a nice atmosphere, quality services, and sterile equipment for each client.


Founded by Andrei Romashov and Ilona Yanaitis, CROP is well-known for its unique technique in haircutting and styling. The professional staffs are well-trained and winners of many competitions. You can find the salon on Ulitsa Chekhova and visit from 10AM to 10PM with or without an appointment. The services it offers are not as many as other salons, but each service come in different prices depend on the level of expertise you want it to be done in. You can get bangs cut, haircut, simple coloring, ombre coloring, chemical washing and styling. Find the price to each of the service on the salon’s website. People love CROP because of its friendly and competent staffs, professional services, also nice and sophisticated ambience. You can contact them for a free consultation before getting a haircut or other services.

4. Salon Tchaikovsky 26

Very easy to remember and find because the name of the salon represents the address. Similar to Sono Beauty and Health Center in Moscow, this salon in St. Petersburg is also a one-stop center for all kinds of treatment you need; from hairdressing, cosmetology, manicure and pedicure, body shaping, body care, to dentistry. There is also a cafe in this 1000 m2 beauty center for you to wind down after a long day before your treatment begins. In Tchaikovsky 26 the clients can spend the whole day getting pampered or, for busy women, be made up in a whip before going to another meeting or invitation. The center’s seventy staffs will work efficiently, professionally, and definitely make you feel like home. Its 22 years of experience won’t disappoint you.

5. Krasoty Rascheshi

This is the first and only loft-salon in St. Petersburg. Located on Vladimirskiy Prospekt, Krasoty Rascheshi is an edgy industrial place for youngsters who love a rustic experimental touch. It offers services like haircut, styling, barbershop, complex staining, hair lamination, keratin straightening, hair treatment and restoration, hair extension, makeup, eyebrows and eyelashes, haircut for kids, and manicure.

Only three minutes away from Vladimirskaya metro station, this loft-salon also has a cafe and spaces to rent for stylists who want to work independently or for them who need a place to do hair and makeup but lack in equipment. Friendly staffs and excellent ambience are two plus points from the Krasoty Rascheshi Salon.

How did you like the sound of the salons listed above? They do offer something different from what you can find in Moscow and that’s the magnet of these 5 most recommended beauty salons in St. Petersburg. For some people it may sound unlikely to go and visit a city solely to enjoy some beauty treatments. But, actually, this thing has been around for quite a long time in places that offer traditional beauty treatments that can’t be found anywhere else but there. The same thing you can try when you visit St. Petersburg next time. Go and try spending the whole day at Tchaikovsky 26 to leave it feeling new and fresh at the end of the day or meet interesting people at the only loft-salon in town to broaden your network. Who knows, right?

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