6 Brilliant Beauty Tips of Applying Vodka to Your Face

No, you don’t misread the title. Vodka, the popular alcohol beverage can help you achieve the dream of having perfect skin. But no, it doesn’t mean to achieve it by drunken in vodka. Applying vodka to your face is something uncommon but it really has surprising benefits. The very first vodka was made in Russia, […]

8 Beauty Tips of Russian Women to Prevent Wrinkles at Young Age

Russian women are somehow on the list of the most beautiful women on the world. Russian women known for its fair and healthy skin, shining hair, beautiful face feature and proportional body shape. Russian women are also known as women with minimal wrinkles, especially the youth. They may look like born with their beauty and […]

10 Fabulous Russian Hair Care Products You Can Try

When you look at women at Moscow or St. Petersburg streets, you’ll notice that many Russian women have incredibly beautiful hair. They like to wear it long and flowy. Have you ever wondered how Russian women care for their hair? It’s every woman’s dream to have shiny, healthy, and flowy hair. Maybe we can borrow […]

8 Beauty Rules of Russian That You Can Copy

Russian women are renowned for their beauty and style. Just look at the street style in Moscow, you’ll be provided with endless inspirations when it comes to fashion style. Women of all ages go out form their home as if they will attend a fashion show or parties. Russian women do take fashion seriously to […]

Russian Beauty Treatment for Anti Aging

Russia is country with a lot of popular things such as the cuisine, the beauty of the scenery, the beauty of the people and of course the beauty treatment routine. Russian is popular for the beautiful ladies. They have a fair skin and also look young in a long time. It is not a secret […]