Russian Winter Funny Jokes; The Way of Russian Survival in Winter

During the wintertime, the cold weather might make you want to complain all the time. You might feel that the low temperature makes it difficult to do most of the things. If the snow is falling during winter, it will block the street and makes you have a hard time to access many places, or […]

7 Ways to Play with Snow in Moscow during Your Russian Trip

The snowfall in Moscow helps the vacationer in performing different exercises with the goal that they could feel content and superb. In the long stretch of winters, Moscow is nothing less than a fantasy as this city offers excellent spots to visit with the aim that individuals can appreciate the occasion properly. Indeed, even there […]

5 Famous Nightclubs for a Unique Night Sensation in Moscow

New night clubs are constantly opening in Moscow, each of which claims to be the best. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for nightlife lovers to choose one due to the positive reviews. There are some pointers to help to choose the clubs that would fit your taste, though. First of all, guests of nightclubs are […]

6 Recommended Areas to Stay in Moscow to Enjoy Nightlife

As you know, Moscow is a city that never sleeps, so with the onset of night all the fun begins here. Numerous clubs, bars and discos open their doors to everyone who wants to revel in full. You will find here entertainment for every taste and budget. For those who are not limited in finances, […]

Russian Fairy Tale about Winter Stories and Its Literatures 

The notoriety of Russian writing spreads far and wide. While some people appreciate overwhelming works of art, for example, War and Peace, others may be searching for a progressively accessible gateway into the Russian writing. On the off chance that you have a place with the last classification, you might be interested in Russian literatures […]

Everlasting Summer Game, A Novel You Can Play

Do you like playing games? What type of game do you like? There are many types of games that you can play. Starting from adventure games, sports, boards and other types of games. Both games for men, for women and for both. Every country has a team to develop a game. Of course, each of […]

Old Stereotype of Russia In Tintin First Comic: Tintin In the Land of Soviets

You’re all familiar with comics, aren’t you? Comics are often one of the favorite books of many people. There are many genres and background of countries in each comic published. Each country has its own comic characteristics. There are even comic artists who make comics based on other countries outside their home countries. That is […]

2 Best Songs Of Vitas, Most Favorite Russian Singer In China

We all love music and each of us for sure has their favorite singers and songs. Our interest in certain singers is related to the music genre we like the most. The same thing applies to songs. We will find a song easy listening if we like the type of music it is categorized in. […]

7 Famous Russian Rap Artists, Do You Recognize Them?

There are a number of different philosophies and definitions about rap artist. Various attributes and skills all have to come together to make one legendary rap artist. Obviously, a rap artist needs to display an ability to compliment the beat in exciting and unpredictable ways and a sense of rhythm. A lot of people enjoy […]

Famous YouTube Channels by Russians

YouTube is like the most popular search engine where both literate as well as illiterate people can quench their topics of interest. It does not only reveal the searches theoretically but also practically in the form of videos. It is the enormous source of entertainment that has gained momentum to the smart phone users across […]