7 Famous Russian Rap Artists, Do You Recognize Them?

There are a number of different philosophies and definitions about rap artist. Various attributes and skills all have to come together to make one legendary rap artist. Obviously, a rap artist needs to display an ability to compliment the beat in exciting and unpredictable ways and a sense of rhythm.

A lot of people enjoy listening to rap song because of the gift for lyricism and vocabulary which is essential. A rap song could have the flow of the century, but if the lyrics do not come together to tell an interesting story or deliver a unique point of view, it is not going to translate into a compelling rap song.

Everyone has at least one favorite rap artist and there is a reason as to why they like them. Sometimes it is because of their song which is just breathtaking and very inspirational. We know there are many rap songs that talk about important problems and try to encourage people to do something against those problems.

Not only is a rap artist trying to change the society or even world, they are also dedicating their soul to it. You can definitely feel the pure emotion a rap artist gives off in their rap song. You can feel their passion and by understanding the lyrics, you can also understand what they try to tell you.

Russian Rap Artists

Rap songs started to emerge in Russia in the 1980s. In the past few years, Russia has seen its underground rap ambience explode into mainstream music and it all thanks to the massive fame of online rap battles. The Russian rap artists behind this new trend are plastering their cultural impact one rhyme at a time.

Who are they? In this article, I will provide you with a list of 7 famous Russian artists, do you recognize them? To prove whether or not you recognize any of these Russian-speaking rap artists, take a look at the list below. You may also check Alfa music in Russia.

  1. Gnoiny

He is already known in Europe especially after he defeated Miron Oxxxymiron Fedorov in a popular rap battle. Gnoiny means full of pus, also known as Sonia Marmeladova, Slava KPSS, and Slava Karelin. He was born in Khabarovsk and his words he put into the lyrics of his rap songs are often provocative.

The choice of his main odd nickname is not without a reason. He said he chose the nickname because the lyrics he presents are full of immoral words and he acknowledged purulence of his own nature. You may also check unique Russian music instruments.

  1. Husky

Dmitry “Husky” Kuznetsov was born in Ulan-Ude and is known for his depressing lyrics and complicated rhymes. Because of that, he has been dubbed the new Yesenin. The overall persona of Husky is built on the disavowal of the glam rap of the noughties.

Before setting his foot on rap music industry, he used to work as a copywriter, a waiter, and even a journalist. Even up until now, he still has random jobs. He has been seen checking tickets at some concerts and distributing flyers at a strip club in St. Petersburg.

  1. Oxxxymiron

Miron Fyodorov, known as Oxxxymiron, was born in St. Petersburg in the mid-80s. He moved around a lot with his family, living in the United Kingdom and in Germany. He pursued a study in English language and literature at Oxford and spent his 20s in East London which explains the frisky combination of intricate cultural references and grime influences in his work.

He managed to obtain both the respect of Russian hip-hop community and mainstream popularity. Every rap battle he takes part in tends to gather a record-breaking amount of listeners. You may also check famous Russian singers.

  1. Pharaoh

Pharaoh is the icon of Russian cloud rap boy and a heartthrob to millions of hip-hop fans all around Russia. With both the joy and despair of money, success, sex and weed as his main topics, he seems to be permanently on a big tour around the post-Soviet space, hence his signature appearance of fatigue and cynicism.

  1. Tatarka

Irina Smelaya, known as Tatarka, is a much needed female voice in the scene dominated by male. She once made headlines in 2016 by producing her debut rap song “Altyn” in the Tatar language. The meanings of the lyrics are a mystery to most of her Russian audience but their vagueness definitely helped to popularize the Tatar language among teenage fans.

She lives in St. Petersburg and was known as a popular vlogger before turning into a Russian rap artist. Her signature clothings are those from Gosha Rubchinskiy, Vetements, and faux furs. She definitely has style and hopefully massive power to motivate a new group of female rappers.

  1. FACE

FACE originally came from the depths of the Russian social network VK. He got his first exposure off the back of his viral rap song about Gosha Rubchinskiy. Back in the days when it was viral, nobody could make sure if the whole thing is a parody or the real thing. Even up until now, his work looks quite a lot like a piss-take.

The lyrics he puts into his rap songs are a straightforward cocktail of hedonism and nihilism spiced with Palace and Supreme. The music videos are low budget which certainly do not bother hundreds of thousands of his teenage fans.

  1. ATL

Sergey Kruppov came from a small town in Russia named Novocheboksarsk, around Volga River. His stage name ATL was originally homage to the code of Atlanta airport in the United States.

His output includes diverse musical influences such as trap and drum, intricate ambient, and bass. He produces his works at home by busying himself in the world of online rap battles and releasing more polished production.

So, that is a list of 7 famous Russian artists, do you recognize them? If you do not know any of them, make sure to try to listen to one of their rap songs.

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