Famous YouTube Channels by Russians

YouTube is like the most popular search engine where both literate as well as illiterate people can quench their topics of interest. It does not only reveal the searches theoretically but also practically in the form of videos.

It is the enormous source of entertainment that has gained momentum to the smart phone users across the globe. YouTube is now one of the most fastest and accessible way of reaching out on the latest updates and notifications across the globe.

The platform allows you to upload, rate, view, share, and comment on videos, and it makes use of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, WebM, and Adobe Flash Video technology to display a vast variety of user-generated and corporate media video.

Available content includes TV clips, video clips, music videos, movie trailers, and other contents such as short original videos, video blogging, and educational videos.

Russian YouTube Channels

The Internet has changed the culture of celebrity in a certain way. Common people can now become famous and rich with the help of a camera, a YouTube channel, and some communication skill.

In Russia, some aspiring stars make makeup tutorials and DIY, using cosmetics to turn themselves into a blue and convincing alien or flaunting their skills in crafting headphones from 40-caliber bullets.

Some Russian people review films, television series, music videos, and computer games; others go further than that, reacting to silly Internet videos by making their own, often made up of existing silly videos.

Overall, YouTube is a place full of crackheads and meta-jokes. A vast majority of its community, however, use YouTube as a personal digital diary, sharing their personal opinions with the World Wide Web, like social media and blogs, but in the form of video format.

In this article, I have rounded up some famous YouTube channels by Russians you may want to check and enjoy. Who knows you will find YouTube a go-to place for entertainment and even improving your Russian skills?

  1. Kate Clapp

Kate Clapp is a YouTube channel owned by Katya Trofimova. She is a classic entertainment YouTuber from Moscow who offers some short, funny videos ranging from her talking about Twilight Saga and Justin Bieber to rapping and giving advice to teenagers about the importance of being real to themselves.

Techically, she is an adult but she has criterion of being a typical teenager on Tumblr. For example, she says she is sociophobe, addicted to the Internet, and obsessed with dogs and cats.

She also becomes the current online phenomenon which features young adults, especially young women, and teenage girls sharing their love for snack foods, with Clapp frequently giving her praises her grandmother’s dill pickles and pies.

Kate Clapp has got more than two million subscribers already because many Russian people like and enjoy watching her funny mix of videos.

  1. Elena Krygina

Elena Krygina is dubbed the Makeup Artist of Moscow and All Russia. The title mimics the glory of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Krygina may have fewer subscribers compared to the rest of Russian vloggers but her fame is not to be questioned.

Just as stereotypes of Russian women go, Krygina is a perfect example: beautiful, charming, thin, blonde, and a makeup expert which contributes a large part of her YouTube content. In her video, she also tries to solve a couple of long-running Internet mysteries, for example, a mystery about why Russian people always finish their sentences with closed parentheses.

  1. Advocat Egorov

Advocat Egorov is a Russian YouTube channel owned by Maxim Egorov. He is a lawyer and probably the only adult with a serious, full-time job in Russian YouTuber community. He posts post-apocalyptic survivalist videos about building, DIY, fishing, and gardening.

Most of the videos are recorded amid nature, with the creator explaining how to make cords and ribbons from knives and plastic bottles and axes from common objects and how to catch lamprey with bare hands.

Unlike other Russian YouTubers, Egorov’s videos do not contain jokes or funny cutaways. He usually moves aside and stays out of shot as he explains why he considers a Karelian axe his favorite homemade tool.

And if there is anyone who doubts his abilities in surviving zombie apocalypse, he will be more than willing to explain how to make an axe sharpener, a camouflage bow from PVC tubes, and a camp heater that can be utilized inside a tent.

  1. CrazyRussianHacker

CrazyRussianHacker is a Russian YouTube channel owned by Taras Kulakov who is one of the very few Russian YouTubers to speak English in their videos. In fact, a lot of his subscribers and viewers are not even sure if he is Russian. Some people suggested that he is faking his strong eastern European accent to give his YouTube channel an exotic aura.

Kulakov’s videos vary from life hacks with typical viral titles to curious science experiments. He also posts a series of Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips videos such as striking matches on any surface or making a stove from a tin can. Some critics say that Kulikov’s means for getting more views is too obvious. For example, he posts a lot of videos about cooking bacon and pranking his friends using air horns.

  1. Max +100500

Max +100500 is a Russian YouTube channel owned by Maxim Golopolosov, one of the first Russian digital celebrities. Ever since 2010, his videos have been compilations of viral and funny videos peppered with his humorous and explicit comments.

Unfortunately, Golopolosov is often accused and criticized for being inauthentic and copying Ray William Johnson, an American vlogger, who has had a YouTube channel similar to Golopolosov since 2008.

These days, Golopolosov begun appearing on television and working with other celebrities including Ivan Okhlobistin, a television presenter and an actor known for his nationalist views, and Nikita Dzhigurda, a brilliant actor and media personality.

So, those are some famous YouTube channels by Russians. Hopefully, you enjoy reading this article.

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