6 Recommended Areas to Stay in Moscow to Enjoy Nightlife

As you know, Moscow is a city that never sleeps, so with the onset of night all the fun begins here. Numerous clubs, bars and discos open their doors to everyone who wants to revel in full. You will find here entertainment for every taste and budget. For those who are not limited in finances, the most fashionable and pathos of the capital are limitless. But budget tourists can easily find where to pass the evening too – incendiary dances and new acquaintances are provided to you. Here are 6 recommended areas to stay in Moscow to enjoy its nightlife.

1. Tverskaya

Tverskaya Street (from 1932 to 1990 – part of Gorky Street ) is the main street of the city of Moscow, one of the largest streets in the Tver District of the Central Administrative District. It goes from the Kremlin (Mokhovaya Street / Okhotny Ryad) to the north-west to Triumfalnaya Square. Tverskaya is one of the most expensive shopping streets not only in Moscow, but also in Russia. Tverskaya is also the center of nightlife and entertainment.

Some of the night clubs you can find along this street are Monarch Men’s Club – which also has a restaurant with signature dishes and a karaoke bar, O2 Studio – with 5 bars, VIP rooms, a large dance hall, pool, and a restaurant, Heat, Diaghilev, St. Art, King, and KichKok.

2. Danilovsky

Along this street in Moscow, you can find several famous night clubs, including some of the old ones, such as Silver Night Club, Shadow, Zone, and Tuning Hall – which is dubbed as one of the best night clubs in town. Around 4,000 youths gather here every weekend to dance the nights away.

3. Zamoskvorechye

This is the area where the night clubs come in many assortments; at the Vermel Nigh Club you can enjoy the 80’s and 90’s vibe where adults usually come after work with their colleagues to unwind after long days. Fabrique offers a more sophisticated atmosphere for younger generation while Jet Set is perfect to arrange events in, and at Rock Vegas nightlife junkies can enjoy rock, retro and Russian music.

4. Chertanovo Severnoe

There are two big nightclubs here with contrasting atmospheres. So it is safe to say that staying around this area will get you two birds to kill with one stone. Atlantis Club is the place for lovers of retro music who love to disco to the 80’s and 90’s tunes. The other club is called Movie, and Russians would tell you that it is very retro American. You can play billiard here and arrange meetings in one of many rooms that they provide.

5. Lomonosovsky

Here you can find the infamous Pharaoh Night Club, the most wonderful place in Moscow that is ideal to spend your leisure time and relaxation. It has Egyptian and European halls, a hookah bar, and a separate VIP zone. The club also has a sauna where you can swim in the spacious pool, relax in the jacuzzi, and steam in a cozy Finnish steam room. If prefer to stay in another area but would love to try the Pharaoh’s atmosphere at night, there are a lot of public transportations that can get you here.

6. Dorogomilovo

This is the area where Roof of the World Night Club is in. From the rooftop club you can see the beautiful Moscow at night and take a glance at the famous Radisson Royal Hotel and the many well-known Moscow towers. They also have a very delightful restaurant where you can dine under the stars. Another plus point is that this establishment is located on the embankment of the Moscow River, so you can imagine the beauty of the view from the club.

Moscow is definitely one of the cities that never sleep. You can walk the streets at night and still feel the festivities – all year long. The 6 recommended areas above could be put on your list if you enjoy nightlife and plan to visit Russia in the near future. Moscow is a must if you look for crowds, music, a lot of drinks, and new friends.

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